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July - August 1999



A Declaration for Independent Business People - Scott DeGarmo

The following Declaration is drawn from Scott DeGarmo's new book Heart to Heart, and we're including it for two reasons: First, what a great way to explain to prospects what Network Marketing is all about! And second, what a great reminder for the days when you lose sight of it yourself. For new people, you may find it to be a valuable tool in building industry belief. -- UO

They come from all walks of life. Before entering Network Marketing, they spent their lives being such things as doctors, lawyers, nurses, military officers, housewives, students, ministers, entrepreneurs, executives, farmers, laborers, schoolteachers, athletes, policemen, clerks, computer technicians, welfare mothers, pilots and college professors. Today, they hold the following truths about Network Marketing to be self-evident:

It's an exciting, energizing, uplifting way of life. You're in constant contact with positive people who are your friends, mentors, and coaches. They help you undergo empowering personal transformations that remove the obstacles to your success.

It's a new form of entrepreneurship open to all. You don't need a lot of resources to get started. You don't need to call on hundreds of investors to raise millions of dollars. You can use your own money to launch your own dream, and there's no limit to how big that dream can be.

Sophisticated business experts endorse the heart-to-heart method of selling. Financial analysts, corporate executives, marketing consultants, and medical doctors have all found that the personal testimonials used in Network Marketing are the most effective way to spread the word and distribute products.

You can create the lifestyle you want. Rather than becoming a tool of the business, you shape your work to the way you and your family want to live. You can travel, move abroad, or live in multiple locations. You can make the choice to live a life that's emotionally fulfilling.

Competition is not the way. Traditional organizations will always be rife with internal competition. We often try to hide this fact from ourselves, and then feel shocked or betrayed when it becomes obvious what game is really being played. Workers and managers compete among themselves for pay, status, recognition, advancement, and job security. Network Marketing, by contrast, is structured in such a way as to render such contention pointless.

Your mind is opened to unlimited possibilities. Ingrained skepticism often leaves people incapable of imagining themselves wealthy. The best remedy for such self-imposed limitations tends to be simply seeing how Network Marketing abounds with countless numbers of men and women who are all "achieving the impossible."

Personal growth equals business success. You have access to a limitless supply of the world's best ideas, mentors, and trainers in the fields of self-help and self-development. The people around you help you solve your problems and achieve your objectives. The barriers to your success-- such as problems with self-esteem-- melt away, and as they do, your dreams come true.

Resumes and credentials mean little or nothing. People come from every walk of life. Past experience is seen in a whole new light. What's important is how willing you are to learn and how receptive you are to adapting what you already know to the new tasks at hand. The housewife, student, and day laborer find themselves on equal footing with the former executive, salesperson and entrepreneur.

People come first. In regular companies, statements about people coming first represent noble intentions or just plain rhetoric. Those organizations could not stay in business for long if they really placed the needs of workers before those of the company. But in Network Marketing, that's literally the way it works.

You enhance your own life and the lives of others. As one family puts it, you work part-time and live full-time. You discover your "why" and live with passion, whether that means helping the poor in Latin American, building hospitals in Africa, or going salmon fishing in Alaska. As with the people in these pages, the choice is yours.

You can be there for your family when they need you. From attending your child's soccer games to lending emotional support at the bedside of an ailing spouse, you can be wherever you need to be. Turning your attention away from the business does not stop the flow of residual income.

It's easy for your children to step into the business. There will always be plenty of positions for your offspring in your organization, and you'll be able to allow them whatever degree of independence they desire.

The business brings families together. Siblings can freely share and cooperate with no apprehension they will ever face the bitter rivalry that so often strikes family businesses. Because everyone can have his or her own independent business within the family organization, Mom and Dad need never feel pressure to step aside.

You can stop postponing the enjoyment of life. Having fun is the way business gets done. Cruises, trips, vacations, parties and conventions-- often in exotic locales-- are plentiful. Some decide to travel the world with friends and families. And that doesn't just mean two-week vacations. It may mean six months abroad. People begin doing things and going places they never imagined possible.

You learn to dream bigger dreams-- and you get help in fulfilling those dreams. The supportive individuals around you teach you how to dream dreams that matter-- and then they help you make those dreams come true.

Much of the criticism of MLM is wrong. Press coverage tends to be inaccurate, misleading, and incomplete. MLM companies are radically different from traditional businesses, and are notoriously misunderstood by the media.

People find close friendships, emotional support-- even romance and marriage. Being part of a network of caring fellow distributors has some of the benefits of living in a close-knit village or belonging to a huge clan. Countless MLMers have met their partners and spouses thanks to introductions from people in the vast, ever humming networks. This is a business that has created what has to be the world's most effective system ever for putting together people with compatible and complementary interests.

You are part of a new wave of home-based businesses. Ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, work has been talking men and women out of their homes and shaping their lives-- always with the battle cries of Centralize, Mechanize, and Standardize. Corporations have dictated when we worked, where we lived, and the income we earned. Now, for the first time since we began streaming into the factories some 200 years ago, the trend is reversing. We are returning to our homes in great numbers-- and many of us are discovering that it feels like the right place to be.


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