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July - August 1999



Summer Vacation: The world is an office for MLM adventurers - Luke Melia

Luke Melia What good is all the freedom of MLM if you don't use it to see this big world? The classic vacation for a successful Network Marketer is relaxing on a Caribbean beach, sipping drinks out of a coconut. Some of us have more exotic aspirations, though. This summer, I'm living, writing and running my MLM business from a flat in southern India. While you're choosing a corner of the planet to explore, here are a few tech travel tips to help you stay on top of your business while you're away.

Plan your Net connection. If you're bringing a laptop, consult your ISP about access from abroad. Many are part of a global consortium of ISPs called iPass, through which you can get dial-up internet access from most places on Earth. You have to set it up ahead of time, though, and be prepared to pay per minute charges.

Using cybercafes for e-mail and web access is now a viable option in many parts of the world. Consult an up-to-date guidebook about availability and cost where you'll be travelling. And, before you go, be sure to set up a web-based e-mail account (HotMail is popular) or learn how to access your e-mail via the web.

Consider a phone. If you're at a critical point in the growth of your business, you may want to consider being available by phone. Fortunately, companies like WorldCell, which has kiosks in international airports, will rent you a cellular phone capable of working at your destination. The Iridium phones, another option, will work almost anywhere on the planet.

Be aware that these phones come at a cost to lifestyle as well as your checkbook. Not checking voicemail is an experience most Networkers will have to try before they believe the freedom and relaxation it brings.

Pack your bookmarks. You'll want to bring the addresses of important websites, as well as your usernames and passwords for accessing protected areas. The sites I have found most useful include:

  • My MLM company's intranet, where I can track my group's output and watch my bonus levels,
  • my bank's web access site, for paying bills and verifying that my commissions were deposited in my accounts, and
  • news sites, to track MLM news I want to know about as well as news my downline can use in prospecting and recruiting.

Leverage your adventure. Most people only dream of traveling the world. When you share your stories with your downline, you help them build their dreams. Sure, a few may be envious, but what if they got inspired and worked as hard as you do? Mention your trip in voice messages before you go, send stories by e-mail and postcards while you're there, and use the experience on stage after you come back.

Enlist help. There will be some things you just can't do from the road. Depositing your check, for example. Unless your company is one of the early adopters who direct deposit your commission checks, you'll want to get a neighbor to deposit your check. (This can be a great prospecting technique, by the way.) Also, get a commitment from your upline to work with your frontline people while you're away. Make them earn their overrides!

Or... just leave it all to the wind. I don't mean to take the fun out of vacation. We have a business second to none in time freedom and financial possibilities. It's summer and a great time to unbutton your shirt collar and leave your watch and cell phone at home. However, if you want to make this a summer to remember and use this time to see the world, these tips should let you keep your business running smoothly straight through your adventure. -- LM


Luke Melia is Upline's Technology Editor and an internet consultant to the Network Marketing industry. He is currently adventuring in Bangalore, India. Luke welcomes comments and ideas by e-mail at

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Upline Technology - July/August 1999, 888-UPLINE-1,