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June 1999


Ideas of the Month

The Power of Your Own Voice

Here's a tip that has really helped me. We know the power of putting our "why" into words-- why we're in the business, why our life will be better, why we'll be able to change the lives of others. We know the power of describing ourselves the way we want to be in the present tense, as if we already are that way.

Well, I took my vision statement of all this and recorded it onto a tape that I could play in my car. For convenience, I recorded it on both sides so it would always be ready to go. As a bonus, I recorded my favorite music into the background because music really moves and motivates me. Now, everyday when I'm driving to and from work or on an errand, I hear my "why," who I am, what I want to have in my life and how I can make a difference through my contributions to others in my own voice. After listening, I take a few deep breaths, let it settle in for a few minutes, and imagine being that person I just heard.

Thanks to USANA distributor Victoria Carter of Charlottesville, VA, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month. Got a great networking idea yourself? Jot it down and send it to the Editors at Upline or email if we publish your idea, you'll win a free subscription (or renewal) too!

Tips for Public Speaking

Those of you who might have checked out the statistics on this sort of thing know that public speaking ranks right up there next to "dying" as most people's biggest fear. Well, "feel the fear and do it anyway"-- it's that important to you in building a successful business. Overcoming this limitation will help you in several positive, measurable, constructive ways: You will give the impression of expertise and success; you'll be more persuasive in your over-the-table presentations; and you'll develop your ability to "think on your feet."

Here are some tips for becoming an expert public speaker:

  • Give free seminars. Just the fact that you are at the front of a room full of people, even a small one, will be enough to get you some "practice" time. Charge them for your seminar, and they'll listen to what you say for sure!
  • Give speeches at local civic groups. These groups are usually hungry for some fresh speakers, and although you probably won't receive a fee for your time, you'll be getting in some more "hours" in front of a group.
  • Interview with a local newspaper or radio station. It may not be "face-to-face" public speaking, but it will get you accustomed to sharing your information with large groups of people and train you to think before you speak.
  • Read books on the subject. A favorite, Successful Presentations for Dummies (IDG Books Worldwide) by Malcolm Kushner, is easy to follow and very helpful.
  • Join Toastmasters International. They have been around for over 70 years, and the members are a good source of reliable input for you. To find the location nearest you call 1-800-993-7732.
  • Take time to prepare. Write and rewrite your notes. Organize your message. Know your audience. Follow up general statements with specific examples. Support your points with evidence.
  • Rehearse in front of a mirror. This may sound ridiculous, but the best speakers do it. Even the best actors do it. Just picture Arnold saying, "I'll be back" a hundred times in front of the mirror. That should make it easier!
  • Practice with a friend. Deliver your "message" to someone who'll be honest with you about how it is coming across. Ask them not to interrupt you, but to save comments until you are finished.
  • Watch your language. Avoid technical jargon that confuse and bore your audience. If you're talking about discount long distance, don't use "pop switch" or "LOA." If you're talking about your liquid minerals, don't talk about the importance of selenium in one's diet. Use the words "we" and "you" frequently. Make sure your use of humor is not offensive in any way.
  • Involve your audience. Make your presentation a dialogue, not a monologue. Anticipate questions. Remember that you're giving the audience something of value!
This tip is part of the online email column by Kelly B. Kalcheim and Gina Rea, "Network Marketing Tip of the Day" (NMTOTD). To have tips like this one emailed to you each day, visit the NMTOTD website at bultpruf/ or email Kelly at ©1998 Kalcheim & Associates. All rights reserved.

"How I Get Five Things Done At Once!"

I am a "work at home" mom with two elementary school children, so I have to find ways to get multiple tasks done at the same time. In my business, I mail a large volume of advertising materials on a regular basis. This can get very expensive when sending 1,000 to 2,000 mail pieces at a time, so I decided to look for ways to cut my postage and long distance expenses. I purchased the following items:

  • Clear plastic bags, 5 inches wide by 15 inches long, with a doorknob opening at the top, approximately $.01 to $.02 each.
  • Great quality pair of walking shoes, $50 -- $100.
  • Portable cassette player with headphones and clip for my belt, $20.
  • Map of target areas, $15.
  • Advertising pieces for my business, various investments.

I stuff the clear plastic bags with the advertising pieces and select a target area for delivery on the doors of homes. I challenge myself to hang 100 to 150 pieces a day, five days a week. It usually takes me between one and two hours to deliver them.

The following is a list of the five activities I'm accomplishing during those one to two hours:

  • Delivery of 100 to 150 advertising pieces a day, five days a week (750 weekly, 3,000 monthly)
  • Walking approximately four miles daily
  • Losing weight without dieting
  • Listening to motivational and inspirational tapes
  • I am the "eagle eyes" for the target neighborhood and I wave to everyone I meet on the street.

The response is greater with this method than when I was mailing my materials, too. It helps me develop my local area, with face-to-face appointments saving in long distance bills.

Thanks to 2Xtreme Performance Executive Director Dianne Showalter of Glendale, AZ, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month.

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