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June 1999


Upline Reviews and Recommends

Heart to Heart


Scott DeGarmo and Louis Tartaglia, M.D.

Heart to Heart

When he began writing Heart To Heart, Scott DeGarmo planned to write a sort of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" meets Network Marketing. And he did-- the book is full of lush accounts of how Networking's heavy-hitters live-- their houses, cars and trips.

But the book is also much more.

Heart To Heart is the collected stories of dozens of successful Network Marketers-- what makes them tick, how they got in the business (and how they stayed in), the challenges they've faced and beaten, and their rewards. Heart To Heart is original, insightful and revealing. It's touching and triumphant. And its core message is that Network Marketing is way too big to be just about money.

As he interviewed Networker after Networker, DeGarmo discovered that a lot of distributors make a lot of money, lots more people make some money, but across the board, almost every person he interviewed was in the business for something besides money.

Freedom, family time, personal development, the ability to support charitable causes-- these were the recurring motivations for Network Marketing's new breed of entrepreneurs. From dairy farmers to doctors, DeGarmo has documented the rise of this new class of Networkers, and it's fascinating reading.

Though his credentials are wide-ranging, Industry veterans will remember Scott DeGarmo as the former Editor in Chief of Success magazine. It was DeGarmo who encouraged positive coverage for Network Marketing in the pages of Success when no other national magazine had ever taken the profession seriously. It was DeGarmo, in fact, who gave Richard Poe (who contributes the preface to Heart To Heart) the "go-ahead" to write a back-page manifesto that proclaimed Network Marketing as the wave of the future. And the outcome of that decision, of course, led to regular serious coverage of Network Marketing in the pages of Success every month.

Heart To Heart offers a window into the lives and loves of the masters of the profession. The stories are real, and the examples they set are powerful. They highlight integrity and belief. The profiled Networkers are the pioneers and the visionaries of the industry. They are "regular" people who've become legends, and their stories reveal Network Marketing at it's intricate sociological, personal and financial best. Heart To Heart edifies the industry and its practitioners in a more human and memorable way than any other book available.

There are stories of people who've risen from the ashes of devastating experiences to emerge as leaders in Network Marketing; there are stories of Networking families, of humble beginnings, of a disenchanted business elite turning away from the "dog-eat-dog." There are wives whose husbands retire, doctors who fund international medical work with their MLM earnings, mothers who support medical research.

And the stories aren't glossed-- DeGarmo maintains a healthy focus on the hard work and commitment it takes to be successful in this Business. Heart To Heart is above all realistic, in every sense of the word.

The preface by Richard Poe is an added bonus--Poe's words alone are worth the price of the book. He and DeGarmo are friends and long-time associates, and they know Network Marketing inside and out. Heart To Heart is sure to become a Network Marketing classic.

-- PN


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How to Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery


Keith Schreiter

How To Get Rich

"This book will show you some simple, consistent small actions. Anybody can do these simple actions-- if they choose. What happens when you do these actions? Every month your bank account will grow larger and larger until one day you'll declare, `I'm rich!' "

Keith Schreiter-- son of the illustrious Tom "Big Al" Schreiter-- has created a superb little prospecting booklet which explains, very simply, how anyone can amass a fortune by creating an extra source of income.

Keith illustrates how the small difference of a little extra income can add up to early retirement. He offers the example of John, a taxi driver: If John could make just $100 more per week to invest ($20 in extra fares every day), that's $5,200 a year over a ten-year period which equals $297,830. He retires 20 years early and spends his time golfing. Sound nice?

John's story is just one of Keith's primers. With extra income, he shows the reader how Ann, by paying down her first mortgage early, became the owner of several homes and retired early. And then there's Larry, the fireman. He went into part-time snow removal and saved $306,954.54 in 15 years. How? Read the book! Keith shows readers how they, too, can do this by leveraging time and income through people. Network Marketing!

"Network Marketing is one of the fastest ways to a quick retirement," Keith states "especially... if you don't have a lot of time for your money to earn compound interest."

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if you're reading this, you probably have an opportunity for someone who is looking to earn a few hundred dollars or more a month. If you'd like to share your opportunity with that special someone -- or any someone -- this book is definitely going to warm them up. A prospect cannot help but get excited about starting an extra stream of income now. Simple and easy. How to Get Rich is just 62 pages. It is filled with common sense and take-action gusto. The only thing your prospect should ask you is, how do I get started? Highly recommended!

-- Kimberly Cunningham
The Young Networker newsletter


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35 Ways to Create Great Relationships


Steve Chandler (audio)

35 Ways

You may know Steve Chandler's name from his best-selling book and audio, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. This new audio (1998) is one that I think will serve many Networkers, particularly those who find their enthusiasm easily torn down by other people's negativity, and those who have a strong belief that Network Marketing is the "relationship business" and want to enhance their relationship-building skills.

For the first group I mentioned, Steve's material on how to be a "creator" rather than a "reactor" is vital. He teaches how to be independent of other people's opinions while still having rewarding relationships with them. When we become adults, he explains, we switch from using our imagination to create-- as we do when we're children-- to using our imagination to worry. Our self-definitions come more and more from the opinions of others. "Worry," he says, "is a misuse of the imagination."

One of the most thought-provoking parts of the tape is when he discusses how relationship-building needs to be deliberate, or as it's often referred to in this industry, "by design." What he shares on this topic-- about consciousness and unconsciousness, expectations, daily renewal of commitments, cause and effect-- could just as easily and beneficially be applied to one's relationship with his or her Network Marketing business as with the people involved in it. Chandler's philosophies empower the listener to recognize and make use of the control we have-- whether we know it or not-- over how we relate to anything and anyone. We simultaneously have the power to "be the problem" and "the solution." He explains that our ability to relate to people in a "creative, that is, loving way" is dependent on our own core happiness.

This is just a small sampling of what Steve Chandler offers on this tape, and I have to say I was impressed that he was able to fit so many valuable insights into a concise 90 minutes. I highly recommend 35 Ways to Create Great Relationships-- the return is much greater than the investment.

-- UO

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