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November 1999


Success Story

I Went to Work on Me - Wendy Moore of ShapeRite

Controller and project manager for a surveying and engineering firm, student at Cal State Hayward, cosmetics distributor, wife, mother of one with another on the way-- it's pretty safe to say that Wendy Moore was a very busy lady in February 1995. Unfortunately, her life wasn't satisfying and balanced. She wanted more time for her husband and son. Her construction-industry job was stressful (not the best thing for a women seven months pregnant). Her degree in Construction Management would move her-- maybe-- up the income ladder, but it wouldn't change the stress or the hours away from home.

Wendy and her husband had just moved into a new home when their realtor mentioned an entrepreneurial opportunity. Although initially skeptical, Wendy was impressed with the company, and she saw a chance to put her previous Networking experiences to good use...

The concept of Network Marketing really attracted me, because I was always driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Way back when I was 18 years old, my introduction to Network Marketing was trying to sell A.L. Williams term life insurance to all of my buds who were going off to college. That was my very first experience.

Then, at age 23, I got involved with Mary Kay Cosmetics, but I just couldn't build it fast enough to build serious residual income. That residual income was my reason for working the business. My father had a home-based business, and I grew up watching his success happen. I knew I wanted a home-based business someday, to have that financial and time freedom, and a more balanced life.

My recent Network Marketing challenges have been different than what I faced in earlier situations. When I got involved with my current company, at the age of 30, success happened very, very quickly. I faced the challenges of believing that I deserved to finally have that success.

It also was a risk to leave corporate America. At the time, I thought it was premature. My husband and I had just moved from a little $300 mortgage payment on a condo to a $2,000 house payment. It was tough to leave that secure, every-two-weeks income.

I overcame those challenges by going to work on me. I started reading magazines such as Upline, additional success stories about entrepreneurs, and a lot of self-development books. I researched Network Marketing as a whole to build that belief system that, "Gosh, Wendy, if these successful Networkers put their pants on one leg at a time, they're not that much different from you. You can make it happen."

Finally, I put together a success strategy for myself. I sat down and I defined my character: who I was and what I wanted out of this thing. I also got out of my comfort zone and talked to people on a daily basis. It took keeping a single daily action in mind and being really disciplined with it. I went out and started taking some risks.

I started properly managing my time and learned to develop a thick-skinned attitude. Then I mustered up some courage and commitment and just kept a sense of humor in this business. Now I have a plan of action, persistence, commitment to where I want it to be, my passion.

If success philosophy is how I recognize my success, then there are three parts. I believe that, first, success is closing the door to my office at the end of the day with a smile of satisfied contentment. Second, success is sitting down to pay my bills and knowing that I have enough money to cover them this month, and next month. It's knowing that I've taken measures to insure the financial security of my family in the event of my demise. Lastly, I'd have to say that success is turning out the lights and slipping under the covers thinking to myself, "It just doesn't get much better than this." And it's whispering a prayer of gratitude to God before I fall into a deep restful sleep.

As far as a philosophy to share with others, I tell my people to focus on the ABCs of this business: Attitude, Belief and Commitment. Positive attitude, obviously, is a key to your success. A lot of people are going to poke fun at you once you announce that you've joined Network Marketing. If you cultivate that thick skin, like rhino skin, you'll just know that the criticism is a sure sign that you're making an impact.

As we all know, anything your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve. That's the power of belief. And total commitment equals total freedom.

I have a laundry list of the best things about Network Marketing! I was able to quit my full-time job and create the home-based business; we can afford to put our children in private school, with an awesome education and Christian foundation; we've purchased two beautiful new vehicles. The company offers incentives like cruises and trips, so we've been able to travel more than we ever thought possible before getting involved with Network Marketing. At one of our conventions we were presented with two beautiful Polaris Waverunners on a trailer-- we would never fathom putting away $16,000 just to buy something fun for us.

I guess most importantly I've become what's called a multidimensional woman, with a balance between the spiritual, social, mental, physical and financial aspects of my life. My family no longer has to compete for my attention and time. I know that I'll continue to grow, and so will my business, whether I show up for work or not.

I just completed the Ms. American United States pageant, in Orlando, FL, and I truly believe that I would not have been able to make the competition or the cut and work on the things I needed to work on over the last year if it wasn't for my Network Marketing business. It was still there while I was working on myself to compete. It was so much fun to be able to step aside from business and focus on what I needed to develop in myself, both internally and externally. It gave me the chance to compete in the pageant with absolutely gorgeous women from all across the nation.

WENDY MOORE has achieved Gold Executive and National Team status as a full-time Networker with ShapeRite, Marketers of health, wellness and weightloss nutritional supplements. She lives in Concord, CA, with her husband Eric and their two sons, Brandon, 7, and Dalton, 4.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Moore Profile - November 1999, 888-UPLINE-1,