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October 1999


First Word

Need A Reason To Love Network Marketing? - Uma Outka

If there was ever proof that Network Marketers are giving, growing, ambitious, resourceful, thinking people, this issue is it. And it's a little different from most issues to the degree that we (the editors) have backed off a bit this month and let the Networkers included here speak to you from the heart in their own words.

The people I had the opportunity to speak with for this issue are impressive and inspiring - or as Linda Reese Young would put it, they "live outrageously." The feature article, "Applied Freedom," is one that has been in the works for over a year. Every issue ofUpline is devoted to helping independent distributors achieve time and financial freedom, but over the years I've heard so many inspiring stories about what some people are doing with that freedom, that I knew I wanted to give those people a chance to shine. You'll hear from people who, because of Network Marketing, have been able to do remarkable things they might never have been able to in another career - Claudia and Chuck Branham, Billy Banks, Bo Short, and Rene Yarnell - as well one Networker - Cindi Maggied Gellart - whose dream is driving her up the ranks of her company's comp plan. Everything else aside, stories like these are reason enough to love Network Marketing, and their passion paired with their success brings into sharp relief the power of a strong "why." We let them give us the details, and you might find it fertile reading for crafting or re-crafting your own vision.

Linda Young and Joyce Jacobs' article, "Why We Lose Sight of Our Vision," is the feature's natural complement. These dynamic Networkers are so passionate about helping people make their visions reality that they've partnered with each other to lead a new course, entitled Women on Fire. If the name sounds familiar, that's because it is. Early last year we interviewed Linda and some of the women in her organization who got togetherUpline, downline, and crossline to create accountability through teamwork. They called themselves Women on Fire with the goal of keeping enthusiasm and momentum going even after the excitement of events fades. Today, while their workshop is geared toward women, their message is by no means gendered. Here, Linda and Joyce zero in on perhaps the most vital skill in Network Marketing - how not to lose sight of your vision.

Steve Taibbi's article takes this issue's "train of thought" further - even with a strong vision, you have to know what to do. He looks at one of the most common adages in Network Marketing - "if you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always gotten" - and asks, now what? When you stop doing what you've always done, what should you start doing? His argument is simple but original, and sure to get you thinking.

Finally, you'll find something that I love but rarely appears in Upline outside of John's Last Word: the humble essay. Sometimes there's no better written medium for a message, and in the case of the two included, I think the authors, Teresa Epps and Mark Stutz, made the right choice. Their essays are utterly different and unrelated except that they'll each give you a refreshing perspective on the business.

Don't stop there, though - be sure to read how a 22-year-old girl right out of college, a professional baker, and a mortgage loan officer all found success in Network Marketing. And, if you've had any distributors avoiding three-way calls with you and their prospects, you'll appreciate this month's What Do You Say column where leaders share their responses to "three-way calls are too pushy." The latest DSA international sales figures for Network Marketing are here, too.

Enjoy, and keep the feedback coming to!
- UO

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, First Word - October 1999, 888-UPLINE-1,