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October 1999


Ideas Of The Month

How to Account for Product Samples

When you give samples of your product to a prospect or use products as part of demonstration, how do you adjust your bookkeeping system to reflect that action? The answer is, you don't. The expense (what the product cost you) was recorded when the purchase was made. At the end of the year when you complete your inventory, the item(s) will not be there and thus you will have the expense automatically accounted for. On the other hand, your personal use of the products you sell are not deductible. Therefore you need to either account for these as income (at your cost) or reduce your purchases of the product by the amount you and your family consumed.
This tip comes from Tom Willett of TRW Consulting Services, providers of accounting and tax services to small business owners. You can reach TRW Consulting by phone (614) 870-7378, email, or on the web at

Use Others' Success to Spur Your Own

I am in the process of moving up to the next level in my company in a short period of time, which is exciting. When a friend of mine, also determined to move up, told me he enrolled two people that day, I was of two emotions. One was, great for him - it's really happening for him. The other thought was, I've been working so hard and I haven't enrolled anyone in a while. What happened to me in that moment was I shrank away. I had the thought of quitting for the day and doing something else - until I realized what I was feeling was definitely not productive. So I continued prospecting, continued calling people, and guess what happened? I sponsored a distributor that day. The saying I came up with for the next time I feel like quitting is:
"Don't shrink away - find a DISTRIBUTOR TODAY!"
This really shifted my non-activity, no-chance-of-being-successful, unconscious attitude, because as one of my mentors, Randy Anderson, says, "The only thing that will bring the possibility of success is massive-action prospecting."
Thanks to Oxyfresh distributor Bonnie Newman of Toronto, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month. Got a great networking idea yourself? Jot it down and send it to the Editors at Upline or email - if we publish your idea, you'll win a free subscription (or renewal) too!

Create 'Prospects On Demand' By Not Answering the Phone!

There are two types of voice mail messages - those that create prospects for you and those that don't. Here's an easy-to-use-idea that is guaranteed to help you create `prospects on demand' every week, even when you're not at home! How many of your friends and family are interested in more time and money, and ready to do something about it? Definitely a few, but which ones? How do you get the ones interested to raise their hands, without getting any rejection? Here's how. . . . At the end of your voice mail message, just add an offer that will get hot prospects to say, "Please, tell me more!" Here's an actual voice mail message that is creating new prospects right now: RING! RING! RING! Click, your voice mail answers. . . . "Thank you for calling. I'm away from the phone right now, but I'd love to hear from you. At the tone, leave your name, number and purpose of your call and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you are calling about getting a free copy of the book How to Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery make sure to let me know!" The book will create interest for anyone who calls you and is interested in making more money. You'll get messages like: "Tell me more about this book!" or "Why are you giving away this book free?" Offer whatever prospecting audio, book or pamphlet you're currently using. This is a great way to get your friends, relatives, business associates, and anyone else who calls you interested in your business . . . without having to approach them first and without getting rejected! The bonus benefit is that all your distributors will hear the message and change their voice mail messages. Voila! Now you have duplicated an effective and easy way of creating `prospects on demand' throughout your entire organization! Easy? You bet! Now, stop reading, grab your phone, add an offer to the end of your voice mail message and observe the results all the way to the bank.
This tip comes from Art Jonak's MLM Slight-Edge Success Center and the "Slight-Edge Alert" bi-monthly newsletter. To subscribe, email with "subscribe Slight-Edge Alert" in the subject of the email message, or learn more on the Slight-Edge Success Center website at© 1999 Arthur Jonak & Associates. All international rights reserved.

An Ex-cell-ent Tip

A cellular phone is an indispensable tool for helping you stay in touch with your organization. Here is another way this compact technological marvel can help you work smarter, not harder: Program the numbers of your customers, business prospects, Upline and downline into your cellular phone and keep the phone handy wherever you go. Make a point of doing your telephone follow-ups when waiting in line at the bank, movie theatre or food store checkout. Use the same strategy in waiting areas such as at the dentist's office, license plate renewal center, airport lounge, and so on. It's a fact of life that we spend a bit of time each week simply waiting. Why not use this time more efficiently by using it as an opportunity to promote your business? It's considerably less frustrating than stewing over the time you're wasting and you will be surprised how many total strangers within earshot will start asking you questions when they overhear the nature of your conversation. If you really want to plan ahead, time your incoming calls to coincide with your waiting time. If you appear successful to others, it's only a matter of time before you actually are.
Thanks to Lifestyles distributor Chris Rabenda, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month. Got a great networking idea yourself? Jot it down and send it to the Editors at Upline or email - if we publish your idea, you'll win a free subscription (or renewal) too!

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