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September 1999


First Word

Advancing the Discourse - Uma Sackett

We didn't plan it, but a theme emerged in the process of building the September issue: Value. As the discourse of Network Marketing becomes increasingly focused on relationships and their complexities, we're hearing the words value and values more than ever before. Leaders across the industry are saying things like "look for ways to bring value to your prospect," and "listen for your prospects' values to find out how Network Marketing can benefit them."

But are the words value and values simply interchangeable, as they're often treated? I think not, and discussions about what they are and what role they play in your business can quickly become rather oblique (or should I say, less valuable) as a result. Not here, however-- if you've been wondering exactly what people mean when they say "listen for values," Jim Cathcart's article "Values-Based Networking" will provide some welcome clarity.

Jim offers a framework for recognizing people's values through conversation and observation that's simple without being simplistic. He explains why they're important and how you can leverage your understanding of them to serve and grow better and faster. And an awareness of values is not just a prospecting technique, he points out. In fact, the greatest benefit could come from applying that awareness to your existing group in the form of retention.

The "conversation" that follows the Cathcart piece demonstrates what the skills he presented look like in action. It's adapted from a scene in John Fogg's latest book, Conversations with The Greatest Networker in the World, and while you may recall a few lines from when John previewed a piece of it in progress several months back, that was merely a glimpse. Here, The Greatest Networker explains the importance of values in Networking relationships and shows how to identify them in real conversation-- correctly! Cathcart tells, John shows. I highly recommend reading them together for the most value.

The next piece, "Proof That Follow-Up Pays" is like a story-telling party. Five fantastic leaders share true tales from the frontline of effective Networking, and confirm in no uncertain terms the value of keeping in touch. There will definitely be some of you out there reaffirming your commitment to follow-up, I guarantee.

And there's so much more... but with the remaining space, an announcement of international proportions from our man-at-the-helm here in Cville, Pres Nowlin:

"We have some good news for our subscribers who've taken the plunge and are building their businesses overseas. Now you can offer Upline to your group in Malay and German-- and Chinese is on the way!

"Upline is now being translated and published in Malaysia, with Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong soon to follow in the Pacific basin. UPLINE MLM RESOURCES SDN BHD in Kuala Lumpur, is headed up by Network Marketing's biggest advocate in all of Asia, Mr. K.L. Chin, who will be bringing Upline's professional training to literally millions of information-starved Asian Networkers. To subscribe in Malaysia, or for information on other Asian markets, you can call Upline at 603-7822918 in Malaysia, fax them at 603-783-9918, or via email at K.L. plans to roll out Upline books and tapes as well.

"If you have friends, family or downline in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you can turn them on to Upline courtesy of Erich Kammerer, who will be translating the journal into German and publishing it in those countries. Erich has been involved in publishing for our industry in Europe for years, and has tremendous talent and knowledge that will make him and Upline a great resource for German-speaking Networkers. Erich will be offering books and tapes as well. To find out about subscribing to the German-language edition of Upline, you can call Erich at 43-5263-20058 (, Sattlergasse 3, 6424 Silz, Austria). We are honored to welcome all the good folks on opposite sides of the globe-- the world is getting smaller for Networkers all the time!"

Enjoy the issue! -- UO

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, First Word - September 1999, 888-UPLINE-1,