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February 2000


Ideas of the Month

Pyramid of Dollars

We all know the possibilities of hearing the old "pyramid" objection. We have all learned that the objection is a cover for the real problem the prospect has, but finding out that "real" problem can take a lot of time. I have found a way that works on the pyramid objection and is both fast and fun.

The idea came to me while watching one of my favorite movies, "Clear and Present Danger." In one scene, the President is asking for ways to deal with a certain issue in regard to the media. The hero, Jack Ryan, played by Harrison Ford, contradicts the experts in the room by basically telling the president to just tell the truth. "Don't give them anyplace to go," Ryan says. When someone asks me if this is a "pyramid deal" I simply ask them if they have a dollar bill in their pocket (if they don't, I do). I tell them to take it out and look at the back and ask them, "What do you see?" Most people will rattle off some things until they see the pyramid-shaped illustration on the back of the bill. Then I say, "Yes, this is a pyramid business, with the design of helping you get as many of these pyramids in your pocket in the most ethical way possible. Any questions?"

Nearly everyone will say something like "I have never seen that before" or "Wow, even the government is shaped like a pyramid." Have some fun with it and use your own words because no one will ever criticize what they see on a dollar bill. In the process, you have trained your new prospect to deal with the same objection he will no doubt encounter in the next few days.

Thanks to Mannatech distributor James Donovan of Salida, CO, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month.


18 Reasons to Three-Way

1. Introduce prospects to someone in their field of interest.

2. Encourage a prospect to go to the next step in the information process.

3. Have your upline handle an objection or question.

4. Train a new member of your team on phone techniques.

5. Get people excited!

6. Get an invaluable third-party validation.

7. Get your downline to hear a message they've been ignoring.

8. Share a testimonial first hand about the product or business.

9. Demonstrate the support available in our business.

10. Facilitate the decision-making process!

11. Follow up on a mailing.

12. Reinforce a commitment a distributor has made.

13. Offer encouragement and support.

14. Set up accountability to a team.

15. Mastermind and share ideas about what works.

16. Edify your new distributors.

17. Coordinate area events between several groups.

18. Accomplish more with less effort (leverage!).

Thanks to Lifetime Member Karl Jacobsen of Nikken for these reminders!


Bookworm Prospecting

Wherever I go, I always take a book to read. It is usually a book about Network Marketing or my company or its products, and I always use a product brochure or a piece about the business opportunity as a bookmark. Sitting in especially close quarters (doctor's office, government waiting rooms, etc.) people's eyes start to wander. Before you know it, they are checking out the title of your book and straining to read the bookmark. I can then begin a conversation about their curiosity, and casually offer the "bookmark" so they can use their waiting time to read. I try to get a business card or a number to follow up, and of course, my information is contained in the brochure. This is a friendly and non-threatening way for me to share information with strangers!

Thanks to Pat Scardina of Forest Hill, MD, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Ideas of the Month - January 2000, 888-UPLINE-1,