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February 2000


Success Story

Joining the Business is a Success - Steve & Melissa Huszczo of USANA

The Huszczos As a professional chef who'd prepared food for the Olympics and held the executive chef position in a prominent Toronto hotel, Steve Huszczo was at the height of a career he loved. That is, before he suffered a severe back injury in the course of his every day work that suddenly ended it. With two ruptured disks, Steve was physically unable to continue -- even after an operation to repair the damage. His health went downhill, and so did his spirits. His doctors reinforced his own worries that life as he knew it was over. But the day he was introduced to USANA, his life began to change. Today, Steve is healthy, wealthy, and married to the woman of his dreams, Melissa, who first crossed paths with him on a plane to a company convention...

Steve: My life totally changed after my injury. I kept thinking, "Why me?" I loved being a chef -- I enjoyed helping apprentices become chefs, and every plate that went out to a table had my name on it -- there was a lot of pride involved. Finding out that I couldn't go back to it really took the wind out of my sails. I ended up with a lot of health challenges, and my doctor told me just to live with it, that I would be that way the rest of my life.

When some friends recommended the USANA products to me, I kept putting them off because I had a negative image of Network Marketing. I wouldn't return their calls, and when they did get ahold of me, I was very evasive. I'd been involved in Network Marketing very briefly once before with my mother, and our sponsor would call us at 6:30 in the morning and say, "What are you doing still in bed? Why don't you go out and make me some money?" That was a very negative impression for me to get over, but after getting great results with the products, I went to my sponsor's place for her luncheon on Tuesday -- that was the way she built her business, she'd invite people for lunch on Tuesdays, have ham sandwiches and talk about the business -- and later to a meeting in Toronto. That was the night it really clicked for me that everyone would want better health or better financial security, and I realized I could talk to anybody about this.

Melissa: When I saw a presentation of the financial aspects of Network Marketing, I lit up like a Christmas tree. My mom invited me to a presentation, so I went to support her, not expecting to be interested myself. At the time, I was a financial administrator doing bookkeeping for two companies I'd been with for about ten years. I was at a point with that position, and a whole lot of my life, where I was thinking: Is this it? Is this life? There's got to be something better. When I saw what Network Marketing can offer, I thought, hey -- there is more to life, maybe I don't have to work until I'm 65 years old.

Steve: At first I thought this was going to be the easiest thing. I went up to everyone just blabbering, and the more I blabbered the more they ran away. I didn't realize that I needed to find out how Network Marketing could fill a void in their lives. I read Being the Best You Can Be in MLM. It said have a home party and have your sponsor come down, so I called my sponsors and invited ten people who guaranteed me they would be there. When one person showed up, I was devastated, and they still made me do the presentation! Getting over the initial rejection was really hard, but my sponsors were always there. I called them every day for six months -- sometimes we just talked about nothing, but it made me feel better and got me through the hardest period. I realized that not everyone is going to join my business or Network Marketing, and I became at ease with that.

Melissa: One of the difficult parts for me in the beginning, and even now sometimes, is to have belief in myself. I think it's something you constantly have to work on. When I met Steve, he was leaps and bounds ahead of me in personal development -- never thinking negatively, living every day like it was his last. When I was first introduced to Network Marketing, I'd never even heard the words "personal development." He really showed me how to start building self-esteem and self-confidence by sharing books and tapes with me.

Steve: You have to believe in yourself before you'll succeed in the business. I share my library with everyone in the group and encourage them to buy their own books so they can be leaders in their own rights. I focus on helping them figure out why they really want to do this.

A lot of companies put a high emphasis on finding that leader who's going to do it with or without you, but that's for the three percenters. Network Marketing is for everybody, but most importantly for the 97 percenters because when you sponsor them in, they're looking for that extra few hundred dollars a week that can make a huge difference in their life. They can't even visualize making five or ten or twenty thousand dollars a month. You have to take them through little steps and build their belief. What would an extra hundred or two hundred dollars mean to you? Show them that they can achieve the one hundred dollars before they can achieve the four hundred dollars. If you don't do that, they're not going to see themselves making the thousands.

Melissa: The fact that someone joins this business in the first place is a success. The fact that they speak to the very first person is a success. It's not just when you become a millionaire.

Steve: Network Marketing has given us what we call "life's freedom." For everybody it's different, but for me it was coming from losing my dreams to regaining my health, recovering financially, and meeting Melissa -- the woman of my dreams literally. Before I met her, I was doing my visualization and I wrote out exactly what I wanted my wife to be like. I have five pages of detailed information about the woman that I wanted, and I kept visualizing her.

When I walked on the plane that day, I immediately gravitated towards her. We stayed up 'til four in the morning at the convention, started dating back in Toronto, and we were married a year after we met. Because of Network Marketing, we were able to take most of that year off for traveling and getting to know each other better. We got married on an island and took a month-long honeymoon. Last May, we moved into the dream home we visualized together: on 24 acres of land; great big windows looking out over water. Network Marketing has turned our lives around 100 percent, but most important is finding each other and getting to spend time together. Now nothing means more to us in our business than helping other people reach their goals the way we have.

STEVE & MELISSA HUSZCZO are Gold Distributors with USANA, Network Marketers of nutritional products. Steve has been in the company for four years and Melissa three years. They met through USANA and live in Delhi, Ontario.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Dorsey Profile - January 2000, 888-UPLINE-1,