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January 2000


Ideas of the Month

The Classic Win-Win

My hair stylist has noticed my healthier look since I started taking the product I sell. She read my literature and decided it would be good to pass the word on to her other customers. Whenever someone signs up because of her referral, I give her a month's supply for her own use. This benefit has inspired her to display the literature and product in her shop and talk to prospects for me. By the time I talk to them, they have already become interested and open to trying my products. This is a much more comfortable and smooth flowing interaction for me as a newcomer to Network Marketing -- I feel like I'm succeeding right from the beginning! I tell retail customers how excited I am about the income potential, and I know they are watching my progress. The better I do, the more they perk up their ears when I answer their curiosity about "How's business?"


Thanks to Morinda distributor Lynette Jandl, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month.

"How To Motivate Your Inactive Distributors"

When your distributors are in a rut, they need to see you doing the things that you want them to do. The two most important activities they can do are making calls and going on appointments. The two most important activities you can do are making calls and going on appointments. Invite them to watch you give your presentation. When a distributor watches you give a presentation, only two things can happen-- and both are good:
  1. The presentation is a success. When your downline distributor sees you give a successful presentation, he will be thinking that he could have done the same thing had that been his presentation. (That will motivate him.)
  2. The presentation is unsuccessful. If you do not have a successful presentation, your distributor will realize that you can fail at giving presentations and still be successful. The key is to give lots of presentations. (That will motivate him.)

One more thing: If you're not taking unmotivated and inactive downline distributors with you to watch you give presentations, they are not the problem, you are.

This tip comes from Hilton Johnson's MLM University Helper Tips and "MLM Sales Coach" monthly newsletter. To subscribe, email with "subscribe mlmsalescoach-list" in the body of your email message, or learn more on the MLM University website

A Risk-Free Way to Get That First Purchase

Whenever someone goes the extra mile for me or is simply nice and friendly, I send him or her a thank-you note. I show my appreciation by enclosing a gift certificate for $5, $10, $15 or $20 worth of products. This is a very effective "getting my foot in the door" method for me. So far, it has led me to loyal retail customers because they call and apply the certificate to a purchase. If they don't call, I lose nothing. Quite unexpectedly, I've sponsored some new distributors out of these people, too. I have gained friends along the way and it has made Network Marketing a lot of fun for me. Tell me, where in the world can we find a business where if we appreciate people who are nice and friendly to us, we get rewarded for it?!
Thanks to Nikken distributor Liz Przytycki of Longwood, FL, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Ideas of the Month - January 2000, 888-UPLINE-1,