April 1999



The Power of a Picture in MLM - Luke Melia

The new photography/web synergy

Think back to the last national or regional convention you attended. Remember the fellow with the camera who managed to get his picture taken with each of the speakers? Let's look at why some Networkers are constantly snapping photos and how Kodak's new internet program fits for them.

The Psychology Behind the Flash

These MLM shutterbugs are onto a very powerful concept. Pictures of yourself with famous people, role models, and even your upline, links you with their success. This link happens in your subconscious when you look at the photos, and it happens for others when they walk into your home or office and see pictures of you with people like Brian Tracy or John Milton Fogg.

A great way to follow up with people you've met at a recent convention is to mail them a few photos in which they appear. You can create and strengthen relationships simply by sending a photo or two along with a short note: Jim, it was a pleasure to meet you in Dallas. Enjoy these photos! I especially like the one of you and me during the recognition event! Looking forward to working with you, Luke.

I've also found that photographs of yourself with key downline leaders are a great conversation starter. "Who are you shaking hands with here, Luke?" "Oh, that's my friend and business associate Mary. Last year, I coached her to earning an extra forty thousand dollars."

The Web Adds to the Power

In the last few months, Kodak, the undisputed leader in consumer photography, moved online in a big way. This initiative looks like it will integrate our personal photos and our online relationships.

On every Kodak envelope for drop-off developing, there's a checkbox that reads "Kodak picture network" or "Kodak Photonet Online." By checking that box, you agree to pay an extra five dollars and get Internet access to your photographs in addition to your regular options of prints. When you get your prints back, there is a claim card included that gives you private access to your photos.

Here's where the fun starts: After following the directions on the card, you will be at a website where you can e-mail any of your photographs to people or download the pictures for use on your own website.

Savvy Networkers will create new ways to powerfully use their photographs with this technology. For example, on the site you can order gift items like mugs, calendars and t-shirts customized with your own photographs.

Ever think you would drink coffee each morning from a mug emblazoned with a picture of you and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter? That day could be closer than you think!


Luke Melia was very excited to access his photos of a recent trip to Paris over the Internet. Luke Melia, Upline's Technology Editor, welcomes comments and ideas about this or other columns. You can e-mail him at luke@upline.com.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Upline Technology - April 1999, 888-UPLINE-1, http://www.upline.com


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