Alexa Toolbar - The Super Sleuth

So, what is the Alexa Toolbar?

Lets see, Magic? Amazing? Spyware? Alexa Toolbar, "A good thing", is all I can say.

How often do you have some nut on the phone trying to convince you how fast the company he/she is representing is growing and going wild, and how you are missing out by being involved in the company you are involved in.

DreamStealers, belief breakers, awful nasty people who make the MLM industry look bad. Alexa Toolbar can help you fight back!

How would you like to be able to show them up and put it back at them? The Alexa Toolbar is just the thing you need.

The Alexa Toolbar gives you the approximate rating of a website by way of a percentile basis. The Alexa Toolbar tells you where a website ranks on the internet. For example if your rank is 99,345, that would mean you and an unknown number of others are the 99,345th most looked at website that day.

So with the Alexa Toolbar, you can take a look at the so called "Next Hottest Thing" and find out if the prospector trying to break your belief is for real or not.

There is also a Wayback machine that allows you to see what the site they are talking looked like way back in time. A FANTASTIC tool the Alexa Toolbar is.

You can know the truth about not only the opportunities that are being thrown at you, but with the Alexa Toolbar, you can also keep an eye on your own opportunity.

Just as a quick note, My experience has shown that an Alexa Toolbar ranking of about 125,000 means a site is getting about 170 unique visitors per day.

So the next time someone is telling you how great their opportunity is doing and the explosive growth they are having, by all means, download the Alexa Toolbar at:

Bring up their website and take a look for yourself if they are telling the truth or not.

If a company has 500 active members, that would indicate that they probably have 300 or so unique visitors a day just on the involved members checking out their members lounge. (if the company has good MLM Software that gives them one)

So if someone is expressing their phenomenal growth, just check them out and look at the daily stats and three months back. Alexa Toolbar will tell all!

If they are not under 125,000 as an Alexa Toolbar rating you can bet their growth is intending to be explosive after you get involved and work your heart out for them!!

Again, download this Alexa Toolbar here: and you will never be curious again!!

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