HourADay.com Automatic Prospecting System Pricing and Versions

Our FREE Forever HourADay.com MLM Auto Prospecting System will get everybody started.

For power users who get serious about growing their MLM Business, we have much heavier capacity versions available so do not worry!

   Basic (FREE Forever) Paid Deluxe
Communication/mth 2,000 20,000 50,000
Video Plays 2,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Autoresponders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Gateway Pages 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Fully Customizable         
Mentoring Function        
Email Engine         
Ad Co-op Rotator      
External Data Capture         
Data Import 50/day 500/day 1000/day
Survey Engine         
Business Card Scan   *      
Custom Data Fields         
FAQ/Ticket Support         
Live Support        
1 Month FREE $29 $59

If you need heavier volume capability than this chart shows, please email us at:

dennis@houraday.com and we will call to discuss your needs.

See a demo of the HourADay.com System at: www.258788.com/demo1

Get yourself a FREE FOREVER Version (up to 2000 communications per month) of this incredible MLM Auto Prospecting Software and mobile app by going to:

http://www.houraday.com click join, then select the FREE Forever, OR download the itunes or android mobile app.

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*Card Scans cost 1000 communication credits each.

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