Setting your DNS Settings

Ok, we are almost there.  Now that you have actually registered your domain, itis good to have this step all prepared.  You can do it later if you don't know it or haven't chosen a Webspace Hosting Company yet.

If you have chosen a webspace hosting company at this point, you need to get a hold of their technical support people and ask them for your Primary and Secondary DNS settings.  Don't worry, they will know what you mean. 

DNS settings will look like this:



Where the embedded domain name will be something similar to the company you have chosen's domain name typically.

Once you have these two numbers, and they usually are a name and a number, you can go ahead and register your domain name.

Now you have to do a pesky little task that can be very simple or very difficult depending on the company you pick to register your domain name with.  If you used it will be easy and you will have a few options on how to proceed at this point.

You need to log in to your control panel at the place you purchased your domain name from.  You search for an area that is usually called DNS settings.  once you are here, you simple add or change the DNS settings to the ones provided by your Web Hosting Company.


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