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Internet Consulting is more than your website design and business website optimization.

#1 search engine placement can be bought.

We focus on the next step.

Internet Consulting, Internetnextstep style, is helping our clients with what our clients need.

Internetnextstep can help your company develop an Integrated Internet Strategy allowing you to combine the best of traditional business with the Internet to positively affect your bottom line.

Internetnextstep can help you when your fantastic business website you spent a fortune on, just isn't creating you a return on investment, or you would like to see your business website create a bigger return on investment.

Internetnextstep's Internet Consulting can also help you ensure the business website you are building, or want to start building doesn't need to be re-written soon after completion to make it accomplish your objectives.

The term Internet Consulting or Internet Consultant can scare people away!  Internet Next Step recognizes you company has its own needs an concerns.  We have created custom solutions to fit any budget.

  1. Free Services

  2. Internet Consultant in a Box

  3. Internet Next Step Internet Consulting Services

Free Services:

For clients who a tight budget, but lots of time to do internet research to expand upon the Great FREE information we give you.

  1. FREE Weekly Newsletter - Business Website Bottom Line Enhancers - includes tips from our Exclusive Members section. Click Here to sign up for FREE Now!
  2. FREE Integrated Internet Strategy Evaluation, (a $125 value) because we would love a chance to help your business website create the return you are looking for.
  3. FREE Business Website Bottom Line Enhancers - Extensive information on our 20 or more ways to increase your bottom line with your business website. We also include approximate time estimates to implement them yourself.

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Internet Consultant In a Box Service:

For clients with limited time but prefer the Do it Yourself route, or have Web Designers on staff to work through the Tutorials.  Will save you HUNDREDS of hours of research and trial and error. Different options are available.

  1. 20 or more Bottom Line Enhancers - Step by Step Tutorials
  2. Consulting Time
  3. Weekly Live Question Answer Sessions
  4. Moderated Members Forum BBS
  5. Newsletter trainings
  6. E-zine Advertising

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Internetnextstep - Internet Consulting Services

For the client who prefers to get it done quickly and professionally without any hassles.  

We have multiple packages available combining some of the most popular 20 or more Bottom Line Enhancers.

Custom hourly consulting is also available.

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