Description Tutorial Step 1

Ok, for all you cheaters, in order to have any hope of understanding this tutorial you will need to have gone over the information in the Title tutorial.

If you haven't done that yet, Click Here to go do that now.

Step 1

So now we want to take the Titles you came up with in the Titles tutorial and expand on them using your keywords.  You want to try to incorporate as many keywords as possible into your Description.  You also want to try to have your most important keyword, or the keyword you are trying to optimize the page for as the first word of the description.

So we want you to take the 5 or so Titles that you created and expand on them in this tutorial

Our tutorial on titles has a link to a bunch of good memory joggers to help you in the expansion process.  You may want to re-visit it before starting this tutorial. Click Here to go see that.

First you should grab a copy of your keywords

Then grab your 5 Titles you came up with.

Then expand the titles or re-write completely a description.  Remember to get as many of your keywords into the description as possible.  Try to keep your Description under 25 words.

Remember, your Description is further explanation on the Title.

Think of the Title as your Classified Ad Headline, and the Description as the Body of your Classified Ad.  The Classified ad your are writing is to get people to come to your website.

Once you are done your description, it is a good idea to have it as the first paragraph of your webpage as well.

You can follow along in our Working Example of Diamond Rains Description writing by clicking Here.


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