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How to Write Killer copy for your Titles and Descriptions

Some of the following information should help you in coming up with effective titles and descriptions (read Headlines, and advertisements, even if you don't feel your purpose is to sell anything).

Your Title and Description are simply like Classified Ads to get people to your website.  Then your website will do the selling from there.  It is a multi-step process.  You need to have a clear Internet Strategy in mind as to what you are trying to accomplish with the person who does click through to that particular page of your website.

Ok, enough Preaching.  On with the way to come up with some catchy ads!!

Title Creation Step 1

First, let us start with some sample ads that you may want to customize with your keywords to make your Titles with.  Now understand, some of these may be hokey, and really bad, but the purpose of this exercise is to get the mental juices flowing.  Take the best parts of it all and come up with some really HOT Titles, Descriptions, and Body Text for your website.

In the following examples, insert your keywords instead of the words in Blue.

These examples are done with diamondrain's keyword list.

  1. They Laughed When I started taking Nutritional Supplements --- But When I Started To feel younger and have more energy.....
  2. Do You Make These Mistakes In dieting?
  3. How a Health and Wellness Profile Saved Me From Staying Fat
  4. Who Else Wants to have a second income?
  5. Announcing The New Free Nutritional Profile For 2001 (change year also)
  6. Are You Ashamed Of The lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet?
  7. Buy No Nutritional Supplements Until You've Seen Our FREE Nutritional Profile Generator
  8. Can You Talk About nutrition With The Rest Of Them?
  9. Heart Disease Prevention At Low Cost --- If You're A dietary supplements user
  10. Diet Pill customers ... Save 1 pound In Every TEN
  11. Double Your Money Back If This Isn't The Best Weight Loss Pill You Ever Taken
  12. Free Report Tells You 10 Secrets Of better health and wellness
  13. Get Rid Of diet Worries For Good
  14. Guys...Want Quick Retirement?
  15. Greatest Food Nutrition News In 25 Years (change number of years too)
  16. 10 Ways To Beat The Fear of Prostate Cancer
  17. How To Stop Dieting
  18. How The Next Forty Five Days Can Change Your health
  19. The Secret Of Weight Loss Diets
  20. Weight Loss In 90 Days Or Money Back
  21. To Home Networking people Who Want To Enter Retirement Early

Now that we have come this far, lets take a look at a list of words that have proven themselves over and over in the world of Headline Advertising.  Want to prove them to yourself?  Pick up a newspaper and check out the classified section, and see which ads capture your attention, and how often they use these words.  It is amazing!!

  • you
  • your
  • how
  • new
  • who
  • money
  • now
  • people
  • want
  • why

In Step 2 we will go over the thinking behind these words and teach you how to integrate them into your Titles.

Want to see examples of this?  Go to Diamonrains Example and check it out, Click Here

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