Title Creation Step 2

You, Your, New, How, How to, and FREE

Step two involves expanding upon our Titles that we have come up with using our keyword list and the example catchy phrases.  We want to try to make sure our final Titles involve as many keywords as possible, as well as the You, Your, New, How, How to, and Free words, yet still keep a catchy grab em kinda feeling.  Keep in mind we get to further expand upon the Title in the Description Section, so we don't need to get too specific in the Title alone.

So at this point pick 5 of the funny titles you created in Step 1 that you like or think you can work with.  Then you will try to fill them up with keywords and you, your etc.  Then we should be able to pick some final Titles that can pull traffic for you.

Below is an explanation of all the above words and why we want to try to use them.  Lots of good examples on how you may want to use them as well.  Read it all over then come back to pick your five titles to start modifying.

You and Your

We said earlier that you need to put yourself in the position of your customer when writing your Title, Description, and body of your webpage.  The best way to do that is to use the words you and your as much as possible.

Always try to get you or your into your title, description and the body of your webpage. 


Another word that is great to get into your Title, Description and webpage body is the word New. The word New seems to always be associated to good things in our life.  Your New Bride, Your new Car, Your new House, Your new Job, Your new Dog.  See what we mean?  All good feelings come from these words.

People seem to gravitate to things that are New. It seems to make us feel special when we know about the latest technology, or the latest product.  New things Sell!!

For Examples of New, Click Here

How to

Next in line, but maybe the most eye catching of all is How or How to.

How to, is probably the biggest seller on the planet!  Everyone wants to know How to.  People spend a fortune on How to diet, How to lose weight, How to make money, How to sell on the internet, How to improve search engine rankings.  Information sells and the information that benefits most people, is How to do something!

In fact just reading the above paragraph, don't you find yourself wishing there were HotLinks on some of those items so you could find out How to....?  We sure did

For Examples of How To, Click Here


So to wrap things up, the Grand Daddy of all words that Draw on the Internet and off the Internet, FREE!

It may seem strange, but FREE sells.  Now we are not saying you need to give your product away for free to get sales on the Internet, but a Free offer of some kind can sure gain you a lot of traffic.

The best things for free are Information based products.  You could write a free report on something related to your industry and use that as your FREE offer.  You are an expert in Your Industry, Right?  I thought so.  People pay a lot of money to have an expert's opinion on something don't they?  Become the expert and give your advice away for FREE.

This approach can help to lock your potential customers into your product or service as you are the expert and of course in your FREE report, you can write mostly about the benefits your customer will receive from using your exclusive product or service.  Kinda fun how this all fits together in the end isn't it?

So make sure you try to use You, your, New, How, How to, and Free, in the Title, Description, and body of your WebPages.

For Examples of FREE, Click Here

To check out the Diamondrain example of this process, Click Here

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