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INS's Title Tutorial Step 1

First let us take another look at the keywords that we selected from the keyword tutorials system.

Non Pay per click list.

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We will deal with the Non Pay per click list for the Titles and Descriptions.

Now an important key in your title is to not list your company name first.  In this case our company name is internetnextstep and it is a good company name so we may want to put it in the title, but not at the beginning.  Rather at the end if it fits and doesn't displace more important keywords.

So we want to start with a catchy title.  Our tutorial on titles and descriptions has a link to a whole explanation on what can make a catchy title for predominantly Internet stand alone strategies.  Click Here to go see that.

Step 1

We start by substituting our Keywords into the Blue Text Spots below.  These can make good starting points for a Title.

  1. They Laughed When hired an internet strategy consultant --- But When I Started To improve web site roi.....
  2. Do You Make These Mistakes In internet strategy?
  3. How web site optimization allowed me to improve web site roi
  4. Who Else Wants to improve their business web site?
  5. Announcing The New Internet Marketing Consultant Staircase by internetnextstep for 2001
  6. Are You Ashamed Of not using an internet consultant to help get the best out of your business web site?
  7. Buy No web site optimization Until You've done our FREE Internet Marketing Strategy Tutorial
  8. Can You Talk About Web Site Optimization With The Rest Of Them?
  9. does not apply we are not after low cost seekers
  10. Internet Consulting ... Save 5 Hours In Every TEN by letting us help.
  11. Your Money Back If This Isn't The Best Web Site Optimization Service You Ever used
  12. Free Report Tells You 20 Secrets Of Internet Marketing Strategy
  13. Get Rid Of Internet Marketing Consultant Worries For Good
  14. Business web site owners...Want Quick internet marketing strategy tips?
  15. Greatest web site optimization News In 5 Years
  16. 10 Ways To Beat The Lack of Internet Marketing Strategy
  17. How To Create an Internet Marketing Strategy
  18. How The Next Forty Five Days Can Change Your web site optimization
  19. The Secrets Of web site optimization
  20. web site optimization In 90 Days Or Money Back
  21. Internet consulting company Wants To help you with web site optimization


Remember we said some of these would be hokey, were we right?  Don't worry, in step 2 of the process we fine tune the ones we like to come up with final versions!!

  1. web site optimization how it allowed us to improve web site roi


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internet stategy consulting, when I asked about it they laughed, but when I was able to improve web site roi

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