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Title and Description

<TITLE>make money with your own internet business</TITLE>

<META NAME="keywords" content="make money,work at home, internet business,international,website,web site,homepage,home page">

<META NAME="description" content="make money - shares how to earn with an international internet business">


Above is an example of your Meta Tags.  These once again are extremely important if you want to try to get both listed and listed high in a search engine.  If you don't look after these meta tags, many times the spider or bot will not index your page.

You will want to create 3 different variations of your Description.  One no more than 40 words long, one 25 words long and 1 only 10 words long.

First try to create a description using all 20 keywords. If you discovered any "commanding combinations" make sure that those words occur NEXT to each other in the description. 

Next, create a description that's limited to 25 words. Use as many of your highest priority keywords and phrases as possible. 

Finally, develop a 10-word description using your highest priority keywords.


You now have several versions of your site description. It's a good idea to type them into a text file and have it available when going on-line to submit your listings. Then you can just cut and paste text into each Internet search engine's submission form. You'll want to do the same with the name of your site and your URL. If you would like to speed this process up, there are some small software packages for this purpose.

The reason you developed several versions of your description is different search engines and directories have different limits on the length of descriptions. Some permit unlimited descriptions, and others limit to just 15-25 words. 

You may also want to submit to Free Internet Classified ads and FFA Link pages.  The form filling software will be very useful if you decide to do this.  You can learn more about these techniques in our Promotion Section.

It is also a good idea to use your description, as the first paragraph of your homepage.  This is a very simple and effective search engine tip!

Now that you know what needs to be done, you can move on to our actual tutorial that teaches and helps you to do it!  Click Here to start creating your Titles and Descriptions.


The next step is to utilize your Titles and Descriptions and Take our Title and Descriptions Meta Tag Tutorial.