Automatically Submitting to Search Engines

So you think you want to do it the easy way.  Well you need to be a bit careful here.  There are all kinds of services at various prices offering to automatically submit your sites for you.  We have tried out many, and paid a lot of money for a hard learned education.  If you are really sure you want to do it automatically, which is a good first step, the best service is a free one.

It is called the worldsubmitter service, and you can get to it at:

It is free, and effective.  Be sure you only submit to the major search engines in this service at this point though.  If you also select the FFA and Classified options which sound good, you will be inundated with email offers.  Check out the Internet Promotions section to see what to do to turn these other people's offers into your customers.  At this point unless you know what you are doing or have an email address you don't get regular email on that you don't mind receiving about a thousand garbage emails on, just select the Worldwide Engines Group 1 (50 engines).

The place you are looking for looks like this:

This will be a good start until you get to the Internet Promotions Section of our System.

As this is a free system, there are a lot of pop up advertisements.   The price of Free.  If you want to have more advanced capabilities and even faster submission services along with domain manager capabilities and a lot of other cool features, you may want to become a Premium Member with for $19.95 per month.  Of course all those annoying popup ads will also disappear.  A good investment if you are going to actively chase search engine rankings, or submit multiple domains or pages.  Click here to learn more about the premium membership offer.


Here are a few other sites that offer free one-click submission to all the top search engines:

  1. - 27 of the biggest from Alta Vista to Google.
  2. - Submits to 40 including Excite, Infoseek, Webcrawler, AltaVista,Lycos, HotBot, AOL Netfind, Netscape Search, GO Network, LookSmart
  3. - gets more personal.



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