Submitting to Search Engines

Ok, so there are two or three ways to submit to the search engines depending on what you are looking for.  If you don't really care about ranking and just want to get your site into the major directories, that is a good place to start.  We will teach you the advanced type strategies to improve your ranking over time.  Your first step is to just get your current site registered.  Don't worry about good or bad, just do it.  Then we will teach you how to get better honed in on keywords and higher rankings.

The next step is to go back and determine what keywords you actually want to go after and rework your keyword metatags and your website.  Then Resubmit.

The final step and most complicated is to go all the way.

Search engine Ranking is not an exact science, and is constantly changing.  If you plan to try to get permanent top rankings with popular keywords, you will invest a lot of someone's time.  It may be easier if this is your goal to have a professional firm do this for you.  It takes constant resubmission, and constant tweaking as the search engines regularly change the rules.  If you want to take a look at some of the search engine guaranteed placement companies, click here.  


Finally, here is a hoot.  Want to see what people actually enter into search engines in Real time?  Check out the links below and you can see just that!

I caution you though.  The some pretty graphic words come up very regularly.  Metacrawler Metaspy also offers a G rated version.



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