Refund Module

Our advanced Refund Module offers a number of advantages over typical Refund arrangements.

Partial Refunds are capable within our MLM Software. If someone purchases 4 bottles of one thing and 1 bottle of another, then refunds only the 1 bottle, this can be accomplished.

You can choose to refund directly and automatically to the credit card the purchase was made on (if your gateway allows this) or refund to personal account, or refund to a check to be printed on your next check run.

Points/Money Control

You can backdate a refund into whatever commission period you like. Of course if you refund into a period that is closed it will have no affect. If you

Backdate Refund

You can select from 4 options on refunds.

  1. Refund all the money and all of the points
  2. Refund only the money
  3. Refund only the points
  4. Refund all the points and 90% of the money (10% restocking charge)

Points reversal is important as it allows you to claw back commissions you would otherwise have paid out, or even points you had already paid out on.

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