Off-line Advertising

Here are some forms of Offline advertising you may have heard of:

  1. Newspaper Classifieds
  2. Magazine Classifieds
  3. Card Decks
  4. Flyers
  5. Prospecting Cards
  6. Bus Stop Backboards
  7. Radio
  8. Television
  9. Billboards

My personal recommendation here is to first invest your time and effort in advertising online.

The reason for this is you are selling an online based opportunity so by advertising online you are already considerably narrowing the market. Anyone who reads an online ad is likely to have internet access or be willing to find it!

This makes them a far more qualified prospect than the person who is reading the newspaper.

The best way to do Offline advertising is to use a fairly broad ad and let your site do the sifting and sorting for you.

Your ad will want to simply direct people to your site.

If it is a requirement of the newspaper or magazine to publish a phone number, we recommend you get a simple voicemail box and record a message that directs them not to leave a message as you don't answer them but rather check out the website which will be your site.

If you can get a mailbox that can be set to not accept messages even better, if not, load the mailbox up with messages yourself until you get the "this mailbox is full" recording.  Talk about a way to give motivation to someone when they call and find out your mailbox is full!  they will blaze a trail looking for internet access to check it out!

If you are doing radio or TV ads, Make sure you leave your site twice and very slowly with very clear pronunciation on your voicemail.

We recommend something like, "The website address is  that is www   dot    1    dot h o u r a d a y dot c o m    forward slash   your    website,  ........ you get the idea.  

After you have recorded this you may want to tell them the forward slash is the key beside the shift key and under the question mark.

We know you may think we are joking but seriously, you need to spell it out in tiny detail.  You won't get a second chance for them to get it right!

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