An E-Zine is simply an Electronic Magazine! Most of them are FREE to receive as the basic reason for putting together an E-Zine is to direct traffic to a site, and sell advertising!

Advertising in E-Zines can be extremly cost effective for getting traffic to your site.

Their are a few things to keep in mind with E-zine advertising. The most important is to be sure you subscribe to the particular E-Zine and read it for a few weeks.

All E-zines do not accept advertising, so you have to keep looking until you find the ones right for you.

Also, look at the kind of ads that are being run in the E-Zine. If you like the look and feel of the E-Zine, and it sells ads to reputable people, then it is probably a safe bet to advertise in.

It is also important to look at the subscription base of the E-Zine. How many subscribers does it have and does that number drop or grow over the few weeks that you get the E-Zine. This can help you to know if your money will be well spent with the individual running the E-Zine.

You want to try to think out of the box on E-zine advertising. If you just go to the E-Zines with a Business Opportunity focus, your ad may get lost within all the other ads offering up the latest greatest opportunity.

For example in VG Global, look for E-Zines that appeal to Gamblers, or Lotto Players, or Bingo Players, or Stock Brokers, or Investors. You are much more likely to get new fresh people instead of old tired MLM'rs!

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