A raffle can work to generate a lot of traffic to your website.

What you do is put up a prize for a raffle on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Do what fits your budget. Some great ideas as raffle prizes could be a Small TV. Sounds expensive but when you look into it, it wouldn't probably cost more than $199 a month to raffle one off monthly. Think of the cost of coupons, it may not be any more expensive. You could raffle off a TV once a quarter as well.

The best part of a TV is the high perceived value.

So the method behind your madness is offer a raffle based on New Leads that come all the way through your Auto Prospecting system.

Of course you could use whatever prize you like. You could even use a FREE player membership as a prize if you wanted too.

You see, raffles can be an effective traffic generator and incentive for people to go through your Auto Prospecting system.

Don't forget though, this method can build weakness because you are enticing people to go through the system whether they are actually interested or not. They may just want the raffle prize.


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