Get your Own Domain Name and Put it on EVERYTHING!

Get your Own Domain Name and Put it on EVERYTHING!

This is the simplest way to increase your Auto Prospecting site traffic. You can just put your Auto Prospecting Site URL on everything. Business Cards, Email Signatures, LetterHead, NewsGroup Signatures,

Because things change, it is probably better for you to get a domain name and publish that instead of your actual Auto Prospecting site name. This allows you to control your own traffic.

Domains are cheap. You can get a domain name for $16/year minimum two years, and if you use the right company they will even forward that domain to whatever website address you like.

This means that for $16 a year, you can have your domain forwarded to your Auto Prospecting site and you don't need to know anything about building websites to do it!

Here is a link of my favorite Domain Reselling company, their value added services like Domain and email forwarding are just FANTASTIC!

If you need help setting up your domain to forward it to your Auto Prospecting site, just email us, we would be happy to help. We can only help you if you purchased the domain at the above place, because we are familiar with their user interface.

It is always best to have a .com domain name. This is like buying prime real estate as compared to back road real estate. If you absolutely can't find a .com domain name that you like, you can go with another extension like .net, .org, .name, .ws, and the list goes on and on, but just remember, your average person will make an error and type in .com first.

If you do go with something other than a .com, be sure to look at the website of the .com equivalent to your chosen name and be sure it is not a competitor, you wouldn't want to be gifting them with all your traffic!!

We know you will love buydomains as much as we do at only $16.00 a year for Domain names. At that price you can afford to get the .net and .org versions of your name!

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