Free Autoresponder Series'

Here are three automated series of emails o give you a starting point for creating your own.  You can also copy these and put them into your own Autoresponders or Automatic Prospecting System or if you don't have an automated prospecting system yet, you are welcome to take a look at ours at:

You can also copy these and use them for your own use in a non automated way if you like.

  1. The first is for Personal Friends Family and acquaintances, or in other words you warm market.  Click here to go to the index page for this series.

  2. The next is a series that works well for people you have purchased on an opportunity seekers list.

  3. The final is for lists of networkers.  These could be on lists you bought, or just people you know that have prospected you for different networks in the past.  click here to go to the index page for these.



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