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{firstname} , I wanted you to know, that when anybody enrolls as a new member, our upline support team sends all new members an e-mail each day on simple steps to success, conference calls, tips on stock trading, and much more to help you make money.

You may enroll 2 new members that duplicate and grow to 100's on your team and each one will receive a series of daily e-mails from (Upline Support). They do it all! Write it, organize it and send it. They also pay all the bridging costs for the conference calls linking 100's of people each Tuesday evening 7PM PST (865) 362-4250, pin 1120# and the fees associated with the recorded overviews we use (212) 461-2838.

It's simple, easy, fun and profitable. {firstname}, we get paid to play! I don't want you to miss out. Come play! Call me at

Or email me at: {custom3}

If you haven't checked out my website yet, you can at: {custom4}



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