Warm Market Email Blast

You need to be careful here as to not get in trouble for SPAMMING. Even though these are warm market, you are still technically spamming. In order to limit the risk of getting in trouble for spamming, there are a few precautions you need to take.

Make sure these are people you regularly have email contact with and you believe they will have some interest in your opportunity.

Send your initial emails from a Hotmail account or some other free email account not related to the company you represent.

Simply ask them if they are interested in a great opportunity to give you an email back and you will send them some more information.

For examples on what to send initially Click Here.

If you are absolutely certain they are going to be happy to receive your email, you can include your Auto Prospecting System link in the email.

Remember the penalty for spamming can include a fine to you as well as losing your isp, so make sure you are sure! In addition, you can get your parent company into trouble.

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