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For Those Who Wish They'd Been Born Rich...

You Were Born Rich - By Bob Proctor

When I interview people for Upline Success Stories, one of the things I hear most frequently is how crucial personal development is to their success in this industry. Bob Proctor's You Were Born Rich is a book I recommend for people who have started that development process and are ready to branch out in a new direction.

Bob says, in the first paragraph of the introduction, "Every human being has been `Born Rich;' it's just that most people are temporarily a little short of money! This book has been written in an attempt to bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be." The act of joining a company in the first place is part of that attempt, so while this book wasn't written exclusively for Networkers, it easily could have been-- the principles he teaches resonate particularly with the values of Network Marketing and the issues we face getting a business off the ground.

This book is one that demands a willingness to suspend disbelief (a bit like Mach II in that way) in order to understand yourself, where you are, and what you are doing in your life outside the context of what you've always thought. That's why I recommend You Were Born Rich especially to people who have already begun to focus on their personal development. For many who haven't, the notion of a context outside of previous assumptions is too difficult to grasp. I see this book as really a development process in and of itself; you'll read it a few times before feeling proficient in the abundance concepts he explores.

In the chapter entitled "The Image-Maker," Bob goes much farther than simply giving you the unsatisfactory command to visualize yourself as you want to be-- he actually spends time telling you how you're expected to be able to do it. That level of depth is consistent throughout the entire book, and in addition to "The Image-Maker," I found the chapters "Expect An Abundance," "The Razor's Edge," and "Don't Think In Reverse" to be especially powerful. "Expect An Abundance" deciphers and makes accessible the essential difference between goals and expectations; "The Razor's Edge" offers a wonderful explanation full of real-life examples of how the little extra you do can make a huge difference in your results; and "Don't Think In Reverse" dives right to the heart of why so many people get the same results year after year, even if they're trying to change.

I look forward to bringing Bob Proctor's ideas to the pages of Upline, and recommend You Were Born Rich to every Networker who believes
that self- and business-building are concurrent processes. --Uma Sackett

A Great New Primer For "Multi-Level Listening

Listening for Success: How to Master the Most Important Skill of Network Marketing - By Steve Shapiro

A friend recently complained to me about being prospected by the wife of a regular customer. The young woman didn't hear "no, not interested," no matter how often my friend said it. "She didn't listen to me at all," said my friend. Perhaps I should send that young Network Marketer a copy of Listening for Success.

Steve Shapiro says that a common prospecting model among Networkers is: "Talk. Talk More." He'd probably enjoy one of my favorite quotes, from Margaret Millar: "Most conversations are simply monologues delivered in the presence of a witness." Steve proposes replacing that with the "Ask. Listen" model of prospecting.

We all desire to be heard. Steve calls it "the yearning," and devotes an entire chapter to it and its importance. When a Networker really listens to a prospect, that yearning is satisfied and the Networker learns more about the prospect. It is the classic win-win result.

Steve says, "Listening is like picking fruit from a tree." The prospect who has entrepreneurial interests and a strong desire to work from home is dangling perfect, ripe fruit for a Networker who knows how to listen. The trick is to ask questions and then be quiet long enough to hear the answers.

To help Networkers learn that key, Steve came up with the Multi-Level Listening(TM) Model. It starts with paying attention-- not letting distractions get between you and what your prospect is telling you. You are giving your prospects the priceless gift of hearing who they are and what they have to say.

The next step helps you build rapport; you acknowledge what you just heard. That may mean recognizing the emotion behind the words as well as the words themselves. Steve gives examples of the power in recognizing the passion payload behind the words we hear.

After acknowledging, clarify. You may have misread the passion or let your attention wander for a second. Give yourself and your prospect the opportunity to get back on the same conversational page. Steve gives contrasting examples of responses, one made without clarifying the prospect's communication and the other based on clear understanding. The first-example prospect rejected the opportunity outright, just in case you're wondering.

Steve shows, clearly and simply, how this is the minimum process before responding with business information. By taking careful listening steps, you'll know exactly what to say to satisfy your prospect's needs. It may not always be what you expect to hear, but it will be what you need to know. He also explains that you don't have to go through this every time someone asks your name!

This little book is an easy read, but its impact is powerful. Whether you're an experienced Networker, a relative newcomer to the industry, or just in relationships with other people (have I included everyone, yet?), you'll find these ideas useful. -- Tina Howell

Lose the Nervous Jitters and Present Like a Pro

Inspire Any Audience - >By Tony Jeary

As an active Network Marketer, I've been desperately looking for a
comprehensive and unintimidating guide that would dramatically improve my public speaking. Well, I've got great news for any of you in the same situation-- after reviewing dozens of books and audios on the topic, I've finally found a book that does exactly that: Tony Jeary's Inspire Any Audience!

The path to being a successful Network Marketer will require that you do presentations-- both for your prospects and for your organization. There's really no way around that. For some of you, this might sound like bad news, but it's really not. With the help of this handbook, I'm convinced that anyone can become a good presenter, even a great one.

Whether you speak to five people at a home-briefing, 50 in a weekly business opportunity meeting, 250 in a hotel for a Super Saturday training or 5,000 in an auditorium at your National Convention, master presenter Tony Jeary delivers everything you need to become a polished, professional, and inspiring presenter.

Like a comprehensive course in public speaking, Inspire Any Audience covers the specifics of effectively presenting to anyone, anywhere, with confidence. Jeary organizes his tips, strategies, techniques, and shortcuts into four well-designed sections:

  • Developing your presentation carefully
  • Beginning your presentation well
  • Delivering your presentation with excellence
  • Concluding with an action response

Turn to any section to build your skills-- this really is a find-it-fast kit of instrumental tips and techniques. The author even thought of putting "cheat sheets" in the back of the book so you can easily take all his great ideas with you to review before each presentation!

Get your hands on this one folks! Loaded with quick tips and proven wisdom from the pros, Inspire Any Audience delivers the confidence and professionalism needed to succeed in front of literally any audience. --Art Jonak

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