March 1999

Ideas of the Month

"Shall I Close Your File..."

The next time your prospect hesitates to move forward with your proposal or keeps giving you resistance/objections, say this to them: "Based on what you're saying, this is probably not for you. Shall I close your file?"

Selling is a game, and fear of loss is a great motivator. When you stop the game, many people will fear that they will lose out on something important, and therefore they will show more interest in your proposal.

This little "take-away" works to your advantage because it conveys to prospects that are stalling that you're not desperate for the sale.

"Shall I Close Your File" is also a wonderful strategy to use with prospects that are not returning your calls or canceling appointments with you. It conveys that you are not going to allow them to slap you around any longer-- either yes or no is fine, but it's time to make a decision.

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Don't Wait on Your Business While You're Waiting in Line

I used to hate waiting in line for anything-- it was a waste of my time that could be better used elsewhere in my busy life. One day, I found myself waiting in line on the verge of yelling at the cashier (who was taking forever!) and walking out of the store.

Fortunately, I noticed that the woman behind me was obviously feeling the same way. I had some literature for my Network Marketing company in my bag and on impulse asked her: "Would you like something to read while we wait in this line?"

She answered yes, and I gave her my prospecting literature. The more she read, the more her mood improved. She asked for more information, so I set up an appointment with her.

Now I always have prospecting literature with me wherever I go, and I don't mind waiting in long lines any more at all!


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"You're Simply the Best"

Everyone likes to feel special, but we are surrounded these days by failure messages. As leaders, we need to take that extra effort and time to make sure our distributors know we care about them and that they're special-- that they're not failures but successes on the way to the top!

Mary Kay Ash, of Mary Kay Cosmetics fame, is one of the early masters of this responsibility... and it is a responsibility. She says, "I never cease to be amazed at how positively people react when they're made to feel important." She has learned to imagine that everyone has a sign around their neck that says "Make Me Feel Important."

Treat your distributors with respect and consideration, and never give them the impression that they're not important enough for you to care about or spend time with. Show up on time for your meetings, especially if you are the "guest speaker"; return phone calls and answer emails to your distributors quickly, always within 24 hours, hopefully much sooner. Again, it will make them feel like they merit your considerate behavior. You'll find that it is well worth it in increased revenue from their activities, but also in how it will make you feel.

Ways to make people feel good:

  • Recognition doesn't have to cost a lot-- something as simple as sending a "Good Job!" postcard or email will make a world of difference. Make sure your recognition is sincere. Nobody likes false praise.
  • Acknowledge people in front of other people. Let everyone know that you think this distributor is very special and is doing great things.
  • Make several random phone calls each day to people in your downline-- people that might not expect their "up up upline" to be calling them. It will probably knock their socks off and motivate them to "do you proud."
  • Solicit your distributors' advice. Pay attention to the feedback you receive, and implement it if it's valid.
  • Give fun and unusual "Awards." The award could be for "The Distributor who let the shortest amount of time lapse before signing up a new Distributor," or for the "Distributor who decided to take action after being inactive for the longest time," or "The Distributor who has brought guests to the most consecutive Opp Meetings," or "New distributor who has recruited/trained the most new recruits this month." Anything that is fun & unique and makes them feel good for having taken positive action in their business!
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