May 1999

Network Marketing Lifestyles magazine

In the last month or two, many of you saw the first issue of our newest publication, Network Marketing Lifestyles. For those of you who didn't, here's an overview, more than a review, of what the project is and how it relates to and is different from Upline.

What will strike you most about Lifestyles is the exceptional work of Art Director Jakob Fielhauer-- this magazine is beautiful, something that you will show your prospects with pride and confidence. On first sight, they'll realize that whether they understand what you're presenting or not, it's big. I think this publication is going to lend immeasurable credibility and authority to your presentations.

The content backs up the good looks, too. John Fogg as Editor in Chief and Duncan Anderson as Editorial Director have done a tremendous job of keeping that new reader in mind. The articles are accessible to anyone, even those who still don't know exactly what this "Network Marketing thing" is, "though it looks pretty interesting!" Their editorial focus is stories-- stories of people who've made it, what they're doing with the success, how much fun Network Marketing can be, how every kind of person you can imagine is making money and having a ball in this industry! Shaklee heavy hitters DeeDee and George Shaw share "a day in the life," including presentations in their living room, and . . . snowmobiling, sailing, and horseback riding. "Ordinary Heroes" like Shawn, the preacher; Jim, the guy who once had to live at his friend's car wash; Franklin, the recovered stroke victim; all share how Network Marketing provided the best opportunity for them-- and all for different reasons.

Besides stories, John and Duncan go after whoever they can to lend powerful third-party validation to the industry-- whether it's Richard Poe, whose article you read in the March Upline, or Steven Covey, whose face fills the cover of Lifestyle's issue. You'll also see news about companies that gives the reader a sense of how big and how happening the industry is.

Lifestyles does include advertising, but that's the cost of the snazzy presentation, folks. Upline remains free of opportunity ads as promised-- it's the publication where Network Marketers talk to each other, so the same "leave your guns at the door" policy we have at Masters Seminars will always apply. Upline is distributor specific, not company specific-- its articles are leader to leader. They're written with the knowledge that you're already in-- now what? That's what the Networkers who write in Upline want to talk about. It's about you in your business. You might find articles here and there to share with your prospects, but Lifestyles is better for that.

We're all proud of Network Marketing Lifestyles, and we hope you will be, too-- that's the real point.

-- UO

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How To Get Unending Referrals - Michael Price

This is a two-tape set by the author of the book Questions Are The Answer, which we reviewed a year ago this month. I have to say up front that I like the book better-- it has genuine value for anyone in the business. This tape set is for people who have yet to figure out how to get referrals from their pool of prospects. If you have never asked for a referral because you feel awkward, this tape set has something to offer you; and if you've asked but to no avail, it will help you get better results. If you are already successfully asking for and getting referrals, this information will likely be repetitive for you.

Michael Price presents a four step method for getting referrals that incorporates his expertise in asking questions with the power of offering a reward. The keys are to build rapport and to give your prospects a reason to want to pass on referrals. For beginners, the information he offers about how to build rapport will prove useful-- he instructs you on what kinds of words to use, how to pace your conversation, how to regain control of a conversation that's taking on a life of its own while making your prospect "feel good about you." He gives some valuable tips for getting your prospect to speak precisely, so that you find out what kind of reward would inspire them to share names.

The essence of this argument is that the business of asking for and getting referrals has to be a "win-win" for the person asking and the person giving. This is where his questioning ability comes in again-- he teaches you how to ask and get an answer that will pay off.

I found the first side of tape one tiresome because the info about Michael Price and his company, Priceless Possibilities, goes on too long for my taste. I made use of the fast-forward button on my tape player to get past it and on to the real content. Still, if you're missing out on business because you don't know how to ask for referrals effectively, his method might be just what you need to change that.

-- UO

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Conversations With The Greatest Networker in the World - John Milton Fogg

"So, what is it you really want to ask?"

It amazed me how uncomfortable he could make me feel how quickly as well.

I took a deep breath and simply decided to ask flat out.

"I want you to be my mentor," I said, and immediately felt a weird combination of relief and apprehension.

"Love to," he said.

It was with great excitement and anticipation that I, with a pot of steeping peppermint tea and teacup beside me, curled up on my sofa to read Conversations with The Greatest Networker in the World, by John Milton Fogg. Nothing short of a natural catastrophe was going to stop me from finding out what happened next. For the next two hours I was absolutely captivated. It would be closer to the truth to say that for those two hours I was there, with the characters in the book, learning from and being mentored by the Greatest Networker in the World. And did I learn!

John Fogg has such a gifted capacity for teaching through a story. He quotes in his book: "Plato said, `The truth is revealed in dialogue.' Network Marketing is a conversation. Life's a conversation." Hence, the title of his book. The message of this book is clear-- getting into relationship with people is the basic underlying foundation for all that we do in Network Marketing. Let's face it-- if we aren't meeting people and connecting with them on some level, our business isn't growing!

In this book you will learn a simple question that will get you into relationship with another human being quickly and deeply-- at the level of values, dealing with what's really important to people. You will learn how to listen openly and by design so that you can recognize and verify a person's values as they come up in conversation. "Strangers are people whose values we don't yet know about." If you find you have shared values, what a connection! And what if your business fit in with their values?

Ever wonder what your Life Purpose is? Why are you here? Why are you doing what you do? It's important! "Living your Life Purpose," The Greatest Networker says, "Everything else comes out of that. Your dreams and goals, your vision, your values. When you're faced with a challenge, your Purpose will guide you through." Powerful stuff. Would it help you focus your life and your business if you knew what your Life Purpose is?

And there is so much more. How we listen, values, affirmations, belief, the three things we do in Network Marketing-- I believe this book will change the way we network. By implementing the techniques, your business building activities will become easier, less stressful, and natural. As natural as having a conversation! Thanks, John.

-- Kimberly Cunningham The Young Networker newsletter


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