February 2000

Upline Times

Fly By Fitness

An industry observer recently mentioned a disturbing trend among successful Networkers: weight that increases along with commission checks. A potential cause is the travel time logged as part of maintaining an international organization. It plays havoc with workout schedules. Since Networkers aren't the only ones to notice this challenge, one form of help is already in place near a few US airports. Try working out in:

  • Chicago, at the Hilton Chicago O'Hare Athletic Club. The hotel (near terminal 2) offers day passes to anyone for $9.
  • Los Angeles, at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton's 24-Hour Fitness Center. For $10, you can get a day pass, and the shuttle ride from any terminal is free.
  • Miami, in the health club of the Miami International Airport Hotel, Concourse E. You don't have to be a guest at the hotel to purchase the $8/day pass.
  • Pittsburgh, at Airport Fitness, close to international arrivals. A day-pass is $10, and workout clothing is also available to rent inexpensively.
(Source: Shape)

Strategic Planning

A recent article in Individual Investor on selecting investment funds never mentions Network Marketing, but the subheadings are great prospecting advice. Take a look at how four elements of investment strategy meet relationship building -- the all-time best investment in Network Marketing:

1. Know what you want before you start searching.

Your upline (or experience) may have already taught you to look for people like yourself. Many successful Networkers didn't appear to have much potential way back when they started. Their sponsors had to look beyond the lack of funds, skills, or whatever to see drive, willingness, and dreams.

2. Pick steady players, not hot hands.

Do you have friends in the business who change companies every year? They used to be in your company, and they were even fairly successful, but something else caught their eye. They may jump-start an organization, but they move on well before the residual income is established. Meanwhile, a few of their prospects have gone from novice to expert by staying with one company.

3. Be patient -- to a point.

Know when a prospect truly needs more information and time, but don't waste either on prospects who really aren't interested. Patient follow-up often yields a great leader, as long as you don't push an unwilling prospect into becoming an unwilling Networker.

4. Pay attention to performance but weigh other factors, too.

Corporate-world success and prestige can make a prospect very attractive. Don't forget, however, that our industry offers the same opportunity to janitors and housewives. Many industry leaders made it to the top because they knew too well what the bottom looked like!

(Source: Individual Investor)

Medical Wakeup

Good news for believers in nutritional products and alternative medicine: The medical community is finally admitting that acupuncture works, even though they don't know why. A group of New Jersey researchers used brain imaging to track the effects of pain treatment.

"Scientists at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) compared brain images of 12 people experiencing pain with images after they received acupuncture. Under brain imaging, the brain 'lights up,' or shows activity, in specific areas when a person experiences pain. Following acupuncture, researchers found a marked depletion in that activity."

What does this have to do with Network Marketing? A large portion of our industry markets nutritional products to improve appearance and health. Many medical traditionalists don't believe that such products have merit other than a placebo effect. They have made the same claim about acupuncture. This study has forced the traditional medical community to admit that some things work even when doctors don't know all the reasons.

Along similar lines, scientists are "discovering" that magnets "may" relieve pain. Since Nikken has been successfully building its business on that foundation, this won't be news to many of our readers. Just another case of Network Marketing being an industry of the future.

(Sources: CNN website, Shape)

Commandments for a Balanced Life

Next time you want to start a conversation with a harried businessperson (one of those plenty-of-money-but-no-time-to-live folks), hand them these commandments for balancing themselves back into a real life:

1. Thou shalt find time to daydream.

2. Thou shalt pencil thyself in.

3. Thou shalt hire others to help.

4. Thou shalt make fitness a no-option rule.

5. Thou shalt arrange for delicious delays.

6. Thou shalt cut out some stuff.

7. Thou shalt get comfortable with dirt.

8. Thou shalt always say "maybe."

9. Thou shalt hang out with friends.

10. Thou shalt take a vacation.

11. Thou shalt get in the tub.

When they tell you it isn't possible, explain how it can be. Then get your new distributor into training.

(Source: Fitness)

Losing a Step

During the Nineties, the S&P 500 increased 218%. Average compensation for CEOs went up 163%, and corporate profits blossomed by 105%. Compensation for the average worker? Let's have a look. Oops! Only a 27% increase. Think any of those wage slaves feel left behind by the prosperity boom? Many are jumping from company to company, trying to find the right combination of benefits and salary. Perhaps you should play headhunter and show them the freedom/wealth combination. Offer them the CEO category, for a change!

(Source: US News and World Report)

No! Not the TV!

Planning to spend the next bonus check on a television for Junior's room? Please don't. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey of children age 2 to 18 found that televisions and computers can isolate children. Kids need a social environment to develop interpersonal skills, imagination, logic, and communication abilities. Hours spent sequestered in a bedroom with the boob tube don't help at all.

(Source: US News and World Report)

Reprinted with permission from Upline, Upline Times - January 2000, 888-UPLINE-1, http://www.upline.com


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