What are Front Page Server Extensions?

Lets talk about Front Page Server Extensions.  These can be the best and worst thing on the Internet.  When they work properly and the hosting company you have chosen support them, they are WONDERFUL!

If they are poorly supported or your Hosting Company doesn't support them well, they can be a nightmare! (Don't worry, we support them with all our hosting packages!)

What do Front Page Server Extensions Do?

They do a lot of things.  They allow you to insert interactivity into your website.  You can add forms to do surveys, or collect data or build databases.

Easily as you just basically point and click it all together, then upload it to your web space and it works.  You do not need to know how or why in the back ground, it just does.

Will take a little learning of Microsoft Front Page Software to master, but very easy compared to any other version of form building, chart integration software in the Internet Market Place.

You can add:

  • Drop Downs
  • Radio Buttons
  • Text Boxes
  • Text Areas
  • Check Box
  • Group Box
  • File Upload boxes
  • Push Buttons

And do simple form Validation.  All in Seconds with Front Page software.  But remember, if you


This section coming to you just as soon as I get my head around it!!


Do you want to play around with FTP and Web Sites?  We would be happy to give you a little fully capable piece of Web Space for you to learn with.  Just Click Here to get our NO-Advertising, absolutely FREE website.

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PS. On our Higher end Web Hosting Packages that are not free, we offer multiple FTP Accounts!



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