Standing Order Engine for Affiliate Software

Imagine if you sold office supplies. That pesky competitor just happens by your favourite client the day before your sales rep does. Your rep arrives to find that his regular monthly business just went to the competition.

How would you like to avoid that from happening?

Call it a Standing Order or Auto-Ship. Your clients can login to their Client lounge and select certain products from you that they would like you to ship to them every month.

The system will check for the standing order each month on the day specified, charge the credit card, and create the paperwork for your warehouse or shop to send out.

The client is in control to set this up, the client can modify it anytime, and cancel it anytime. Very convenient for your clients.

Here is How it Works

Our Affiliate Software has a place for your customers to go to purchase more product. You can set discount levels to clients for products purchased in their customer area if you like. The customer can also see an invoice history as well as control payment types and personal information in this section.

Also in this password protected area is the Standing Order Control module. The customer simply selects items from your shopping cart that they would like shipped to them every month and the system will make it happen every month without fail.

The advanced Shopping Cart lets you can set certain products to be available for standing order, as well as other products to not be available for standing order, the choice is yours.

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