Advertising Co-Operative (Ad Co-op)

Ad Co Op, Ad Co-op, Advertising Co-op, or advertising, co-operative, whichever way you say it, do you need one?

Are you tired of buying leads that have been sold to many others?

Leads that when you call them you find the people very negative, not interested, and maybe even Abusive?

We understand. An ad co-op is the ANSWER!

How about generating your own leads with an Ad Co-op? Often we find it too expensive to get into advertising on our own.

Our Omsys Auto Prospecting system allows you to set up a little Rotator allowing you to have all traffic to your Prospecting Site, or Gateway Page Rotate between a list of members that you add to your Rotator.

This allows you to effectively POOL your funds in an Ad Co-Op with your team. Lets say everybody kicks in just $50 a month, and you have 10 people you are running a Co-Op with, you would have $500 a month to put into advertising.

Well, with your own $50 a month you may only be able to afford a very small add in a local weekly newspaper, or some very limited Search Engine Pay Per Click advertising which would generate a small number of leads per dollar.

But with $500 a month, you could get into the USA today one weekend a month outperforming each member doing little individual ads.

You see that is how advertising tends to work. there is low quality Advertising and High Quality Advertising.

know a group who advertised in Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine, the rumour is it was $15,000 or so for 1 insertion. Sounds crazy till you hear that it generated them more than 100,000 high quality leads!!!

Yes, an Ad Co-op can help you get your team into High Quality advertising that will generate HIGH QUALITY LEADS specific to your opportunity. All OPT IN and all interested in the things you set up in your Omsys Auto prospecting System.

Ad Co-Ops are so much more efficient and generate so much better leads than buying leads that have been generated with similar methods but for a generic scenario.

Target Target Target, that's the key to enrolling more people in your company with less effort as the Omsys Auto prospecting System does all the heavy lifting for you!

You or someone on your team will place the adds, and collect the appropriate funds from your partners in the program if necessary.

If you are paying and just want to share the leads so you don't have as much work to do, of course you wouldn't bother collecting money, you would just sponsor an ad campaign and share with those you wish to share with.

Corporate Ad-Co Op for Corporate License Holders.

In the case of a very large organization that wants to have all of its representatives on our system, we can set up a corporate wide Ad Co-Op engine. This would allow the company to have a URL to advertise to, and tracking of each advertising campaign would happen.

The sales leads generated over each campaign will then be shared with each registered user in your corporate system allowing the load to be shared with each individual representative or division in your company.

The engine allows for a pool of funds to be contributed to by your reps or divisions and your PR department to then put together a corporate adverting campaign on behalf of your department or individual users.

You can have the members contribute to the pool of funds by way of monthly purchase of Ad Co-Op shares, or you can fund the campaign corporately, the system allows either way.

Every place you advertise will then have a specific link assigned to it that will redirect the lead to the next eligible person in the Ad Co-op. All leads are tracked as to where they originated and the technology allows for the redirect in a way that will not get you excluded from Google, or Overture's pay per click systems.

You can control it all yourselves, or for 10% of the advertising pool monthly (minimum $500 USD per month) we will run an ad campaign specific for you.

A great way to sell your products or increase your business!

For more information from a Corporate implementation of Omsys Autoprospecting System and Ad Co Op Engine capabilities, Click Here.

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Our Auto Prospecting Software can be licensed to an individual on a per user basis, or can be licensed to a company for multiple users.

This Auto Prospecting Software can also be set up as a complete stand alone self contained system.

This Auto Prospecting Software integrates completely to our main MLM Software for all billing and maintenance options.  It can easily be set up to generate points through a commission plan.

Get yourself a FREE Version of this incredible Auto Prospecting System by going to: click join, then select the FREE Omsys Package.


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