Co-Location Japan Consulting Ltd. and offers server Japan Co-Location Services Based in the Cerulean Tower Data Center in Tokyo

  • Cerulean Tower Data Center is a fully secure, Earthquake proof, redundant power, redundant cooling, state of the art facility in Tokyo Japan
  • We offer shared or dedicated bandwidth.
  • Non Shared Static IP address provided.

Japan Co-Location Pricing

Setup Fee: 60,000 yen  Check for a current currency exchange.

  • 1 Rack Unit: 40,000 yen per month  - discounts for more than 1 RU available.
  • Bandwidth 10Mbps Shared Line
  • 1 IP address
  • 0.5 Amp power (additional charges probable if need more)
  • Prices are based on paying for 3 months in advance.
  • 1st month is Setup Fees and 3 months Service.
  • Next 3 months of service is always due by the end of your 2nd month of service.

Example charges to clarify.  1 RU server as above would be 60,000 1 time setup fee, plus 3 months of 40,000 Yen in advance for a total of 180,000 yen to get a 1 RU server with 3 months of service set up.

After which every 3 months you would pay 120,000 yen by the end of your 2nd month of previous 3 in order to keep the server online.

We would need to know exact model of server in order to ensure no additional power overage charges would be incurred as this price allows for .

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or would like a quote for your specific needs beyond a Single Rack Unit Server at:




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