Matrix Commission Plan Engine

So what are you looking to do a 3 x 10 matrix? A 5 x 7 Matrix like Melaleuca? 2 x 8? It doesn't matter, our Matrix Engine will allow you to point and click yourself to a Matrix compensation plan!

Commissions will be run on the 15th of the following month, and you can control the payment out types you would like to use.


You can configure the width of your matrix and change it anytime you like. from 1 to unlimited, whatever width you have in mind, is possible in our Engine. You can even run a regular 1 or 2 level unlimited width referral program if you like.


You can configure how many levels deep you plan will run and what percentages you wish to pay out on each level.


You can set as many titles as you like in the system and tie payout depth to those titles. For example if you had a 3 x 10 matrix and wanted the Platinum title to need to enroll 3 members to become platinum, but upon becoming Platinum, you would reach from level 7 to 10 whereas those not PLatinum would only reach to level 6, that is all configurable in our Matrix Engine.

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus in a Matrix? Who ever heard of it? Well our Matrix engine allows you to set a matching bonus based on titles. You can set matching bonus levels as deep as you like, 1 level, 2 levels, 5 or more? It is up to you!

Matrix Type

Forced Matrix North American Style, Forced Matrix Japanese Style. Non Forced matrix that allows placement? It is all up to you, you can choose from any of these Matrix Types.


You can set the time frame for how long no order needs to be placed for the compression to take place. You can also control if the highest achiever moves up in the case of more than one in the downline, or the first enrolled does.

Payment Out Engine

Once your commissions have been run, you can select from a number of payment options to your members and set appropriate service charges for each.

Check - buy Simply Accounting laser check blanks, and you can print right from our system to your check blanks

Wire Transfer - you can get a reporting allowing you to pay by international wire transfers.

Paypal - actually any online payment processor can be used as this option will simply create for you a csv to send to the payment processor.

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