Search Engines

The topic of Search Engines can further be broken down into:

  1. Submitting to Search Engines
  2. Website design for getting a top keyword, top search engine ranking.

The mystique around search engines involves one of the biggest myths on the Internet.  If you get a top ranking you will get rich.  This simply is not the case.

Much like if you buy the back cover of people magazine and put a bad advertisement for a bad product on it, you are not likely to create many sales, or positive results whatsoever.  The Internet is not much different.  If you have all your campaign put together well, then get a good search engine placement on a popular keyword, you will start to get some traffic that should lead to some positive results.  It is all a process.  Remember, a good Internet Strategy starts with a good Non-Internet Strategy.

In reality, just like any marketing campaign, you will need to test and tweak your copy to come up with the magic combination.  A great website Statistics generator can be the key for helping you do this. 

Now on the internet there are all kinds of services offering to get you top ranking, and submit your link to 100's or 1000's of search engines for "FREE".  These are generally things to stay away from unless you know what you are doing.  In most cases, there are a million Spam emails that will come your way if you use such a service.  If you want to get set up for it, we can teach you how to turn some of those Spam emails into sales, but that comes in our Internet Promotion Section.  Click here to go to the Internet Promotion section.

Also, you don't need to spend money on a submission service, as their are only 10 or 11 search engines that will generate you 95% of the traffic.  Also, one of the best submission services we have found is free.  Click Here to go to the Search Engine Submission Page where we talk about manual or auto submissions.

Finally, the topic of placement.  A very detailed explanation of the types of things you can do to ensure top placement or at least work towards it is available on our Search Engine Placement page.  Click Here to go to our Search Engine Placement page.



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