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We like this search engine.  They gave yahoo a run for their money but didn't quite make it.  However in the effort they put together one of the better search engines on the market.

First you will get a pay option.  This is fine and cover the following search engines at once.  Excite, AltaVista, MSN, iWon, CNN, Time Warner, and over 370 ISPs.  The price is $199.  At this point you are better to use the free auto submit software we have found.

Submitting for Free here is subject to the following warning from AltaVista:

You may submit your URL to the AltaVista Search Index at no cost. AltaVista is one of the most comprehensive indexes on the Web.

Submitting your site to the AltaVista Search Index does not guarantee your site will be added to the index, nor does it include submission to categories of AltaVista's Directory.

Once you go ahead and hit :  , you will get a registration form to fill out that looks like the following:


You are looking for this box to fill in:

  1. Your URL is simply your URL like  Do not include a file name as this can get you disqualified in many search engines.

That's it for this submission so make sure your keywords and meta tags are in place before submitting or come back and submit again after you do them.  Everything is scanned by a bot (robot or spider) in AltaVista's search engine.