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Manually Submitting to Search Engines

The bulk of your traffic will come from only 10 or 11 search engines.   The main search engines are the ones that Internet Explorer automatically uses.  Manually submitting and keeping a log on the majors is not really that much work.  At this point the majors are:

  1. Google - the absolute biggest.  Also the only major search engine that is not automated in the submission process.  An actual human looks at each and every web page submitted and makes a manual judgment on ranking.  The most important search engine to get listed in.  The best way is to make a good site and submit it!  Just thateasy.

  2. Lycos - A nicely put together search engine.  Very helpful and polite.  Really makes you feel like they want your business.  A great traffic generation program where they pay you for clicks as well.

  3. MSN Search - We find this a highly useful search engine.  It brings back very relevant searches on almost any keyword.

  4. Alta Vista - One of the easiest to submit too, but you want to have your meta tags and keywords done properly for this one.

  5. Northern Light - This one is also easy.  Again, your metatags are very important here.

  6. Excite - Nothing to say about this.  Just a plain search engine.

  7. Yahoo - An absolutely fantastic search engine that allows foreign language searches at the touch of a button.  Super!

  8. HotBot - two versions of this.  The Inktomi database, and the actual hotbot directory, which must be submitted manually.

  9. WebCrawler - this is fantastic, it is a search engine of the search engines.  A one stop shop.  Type in your keywords here, and stand back, it will bring the most relevant matches from 6 or more different search engines.  Fantastically efficient!