Webcrawler - www.webcrawler.com

As we said before the search engine of search engines.

This search engine is quite a bit like yahoo as far as the submission button is concerned.  You first find the category that you would most like your website to be under, then simply hit the Add URL button at the bottom left of your screen and the submission process will start.

First you will get some pay options.  These are fine and cover the following search engines at once.  Excite, AltaVista, MSN, iWon, CNN, Time Warner, and over 370 ISPs.  The price ranges from $99 to $199.  At this point you are better to use the free auto submit software we have found.

Submitting for Free here is subject to the following warning from Excite, the partner with Webcrawler.

Add your site to Excite's continually refreshed database of URLs, and it will be considered for inclusion in our index.

Please note that we do not automatically include all submitted sites in our index, and we cannot predict or guarantee when or whether a submitted site might appear in our search results.

Once you go ahead and hit: Click here to add your site to the Excite Search Index only. 

You just need to fill in the blanks that follow.  You must do this from the webcrawler site, go there by clicking the Click here button above.

You are looking for this box to fill in:

  1. Your URL is simply your URL like http://www.internetnextstep.com  Do not include a file name as this can get you disqualified in many search engines.
  2. Your email, must be a valid email, often there is an autoresponder message that you need, that will be sent to this email.
  3. Your Primary language is the language your site is written in and the language you want correspondence in.
  4. Your geographical location is simply selected from the list.
  5. Your category is simply that, your category that most accurately describes the subject of your Web site.



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