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This is a bit easier to find the submit button.  Just under the search box is the Submit a site button.

First you will get some pay options.  These are fine and cover the following search engines at once.  Excite, AltaVista, MSN, iWon, CNN, Time Warner, and over 370 ISPs.  The price ranges from $99 to $199.  At this point you are better to use the free auto submit software we have found.

Submitting for Free here is subject to the following warning from MSN:

"For profit sites may be submitted at no charge for inclusion in the Web Pages section of the MSN Search. There is no guarantee of acceptance or turnaround time for these submissions, and they will not appear in any other area of MSN Search."

After this you must click on the Read More button, where you will be brought to the registration form that looks like the following:

Website Information:

Title of Site - this is very important.  It wants to be a headline for your website rich with keywords if possible.  Make your searchers want to know more.

Web address URL - your URL without any page names, just the URL

Contact Information:

Make sure you fill this out for real.  Don't fudge here, you must enter a valid email.

More Ways to Promote Your Site:

Use your judgment.  If you want to be sold to and be on their mailing list, go for it.