MLM Help Desk and Automated FAQ!

MLM Help Desk and Automated FAQ Software in combination with MLM Distributor CRM functions, is an essential and itegrated part of the INS MLM Software.

Without an MLM Help Desk type of system, the ability to support your distributors can get out of had very very quickly.

One of our clients has the president actually answering all the support questions that come in from a 10000 person organization single handedly using our Automated FAQ system.

Imagine that your members only can send support queries from the support query form. No more unknown emails. You now know where every support query came from.

Now, imagine that you never lost one of these questions ever again as they all went into a list of questions that patiently waited to be answered by your support team.

Now, when a question is answered, you have a huge number of options on what you want to happen next.

First, your support persons name is attached to the support query as you do want to know down the road who answered the question. If they are senior support, the answer can go to the member immediately, if not, it can go to a holding area for a senior support, or manager to approve before going to the member.

Now our MLM software has a members lounge, as well as a "God" interface if you will. (a place where you can bring up all the details on the member as well as keep notes on what is going on with a particualar member.)

When you answer a FAQ or support query, you are given some options. You can pick whichever of these options you would like to have happen to this FAQ. You can have an email sent to the member, you can have it posted to the message section of their members lounge, you can have it posted to the notes area of God, and you can choose to have it put into the Non-Members FAQ, the Members FAQ, or the Admin FAQ. Wow! What does all that mean?

Well, the system allows you to modify the question and answer to a generic form so you can have it automatically posted to the FAQ sections so the next time someone asks that question, they are likely to find it in the FAQ and not have to contact you about it at all. BIG TIME SAVER! You can choose which FAQ page you want it to show up on, Members, Non-Members, or Admin.

If you use the admin FAQ properly, it will make training of support staff really really easy! The reason why if all system or Admin corporate related questions also go through the FAQ system, a record of the questions and anwers gets built so new employees can look to the Admin FAQ for an answer before calling on a senior employee for help. Think of the labour and training savings that could generate!

Second, the question and answer can be emailed to the member, the reason for this is obvious.

Third, the question and answer can be posted to the members lounge of the member who asked the question. Once this happens, the member must acknowledge the question in order to do anything else in the members lounge. Then when they read and acknowledged it is tracked in the system. They can never come back to you to say they never got the information!

Next, the question and answer can be posted to the "God" section. This allows for all things relating to a member to be held in one convenient space to see. Any of your telephone support people can have instant access to all information related to a member all in REAL TIME! This prevents a member from polling different support people with the same question until they get the answer they are looking for. Another HUGE TIME SAVER!

So hopefully you can see how a good FAQ or Help Desk function can allow your geometric growth to be something you can handle without needing to geometrically increase your staff and headaches!

To read more on how this can save you a lot of effort, check out our blog article by Clicking Here.


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