The Large MLM Leader System Benefits?

I thought I would share with you how I used a system nowhere nearly as robust as this to build a team of 18,000 members in 4 months, and how much nicer things could have turned out if I had this particular system on my side!

I started by building a Team Support website to allow our team to sign up for newsletters, and in general know where to go to get all the information they needed to be successful with the particular MLM we were working with at the time.

The cost at the time was about 80 hours of my time to get the look and feel and initial content for the site.  I had asked around for quotes and just on this simple team support website that was static I had been quoted $3000 to $4000 and it didn't even have a shopping cart!

The newsletter series' I wrote probably was another 10 hours or so of writing time, and of course you can't really farm that out as it comes so much from a leaders perspective on how to build a great MLM Team.

I then started to build the network using the site as a communications hub.  A big issue at the time was, I did not know how to make people have to log into the site so it was pretty much open to everyone, my upline, my sideline and my downline!  As a result it got pretty messy pretty quickly.  Soon I had all our conference calls being used by the entire company, and everyone was in my newsletter series and attached to our Team Support site.  The costs started to escalate, but the bigger bummer of it all was suddenly prospects of mine were being lost to other lines due to them all thinking they were joining my team if the support system was mentioned.

Then I made matters even worse for myself.  I put up an audio version of a sizzle call we were using at the time on the website.  It got slammed so hard, within 24 hours my ISP had shut the site off and sent me a bill for $12,000 for Bandwidth overages!

Now I seemed to have everyone in my Newsletter database so whenever I promoted something of our teams, everybody showed up, which in a way was cool, but in a way was costly.

How I wish I had a Team Support System like I am talking about right now for you!

I then went on to make an Automatic Prospecting or Email Marketing Tool.  In fact the Email Marketing Tool that comes with our system had its roots and methodologies taken from the initial tool I built.

I initially built the Email Marketing Tool just for myself to get around this enormous bandwidth consumption issue.  Then my downline started asking for it, so initially I gave it to them.  Then my sideline started asking for it as of course they were all in my single newsletter series I had going and there was no really feasible way to exclude them and only notify my team of this great tool.  I kept telling them NO.

Finally they started to offer me money for it!  So I gave in and started to sell it!

The problem was, I did not have a shopping cart.  I had people sending me money by Paypal from all over, and I was trying to keep up with only a semi automatic way of signing them up, and hooking up a system for them.  It was a nightmare!! A good nightmare you may think, but I was making EXTREME money in the comp plan, so all this was a distraction for pennies it seemed!

I sure wished I had a Team Support System like the one I am describing to you to take the signups and process the payments, and hook up the systems all automatically!

The results of that tool were phenomenal.  We built a team of 18,000 in 4 months!!

Soon members from outside my downline and inside my downline started to complain about the tool.  Some were too cheap to buy two copies so they wanted the name in the system to be 2 different people, but my hacked together system couldn't do that, others thought the words should be different.  The system was kicking butt, and we did extensive A-B testing with different copy etc., and no results ever topped the results the version they all were using.  None of this seemed to matter, everyone wanted their own version that they could edit!

Oh well, I sure wish at that time, the Email Marketing Tool I had would have allowed everyone to start with my words and message, but allow them to change it to whatever they wanted like the one I am offering your team does!

Now things started to get ugly!  The company didn't pay!  They were then late paying and only paid partial amounts.

I once again had no way to communicate with only my team easily due to every Tom Dick and Harry being in my newsletter series.  People who never even joined were in my newsletter series it seemed!  I had no privacy with my Team in an automated way, and there was 18,000 of them in my team alone!

Soon as the company started to not pay, the team started to fall apart.  Once again, I just wish I had a nice secure area and had branded Myself as much as the MLM company so I could keep the team together, or if the company died, have them all in one place to take them somewhere else.  I do not believe at all in leaving a company unless it leaves you.  I just wanted to protect my team.

Imagine the value to my next opportunity if I had this Team Support System we are offering you, and all 18,000 were in my database.  Do you think I could have found them a great grandfather deal in a company who would have liked to help?

So you see, this tool is like the culmination of almost 15 years of experience for me.  We offer it to you for the small sum of $5000 plus a refundable $5000 deposit on Email Marketing Tool users.

I would have paid anything for an INS MLM Team Support System back then.  I may have not ever started my MLM Software company if there was one at the time as my team may have stayed in tact.

Not to mention that the amount of money I could have made and put back into my team would have been extraordinary if I could have offered Training materials and the Email Marketing Tool in a more robust way, or better yet with a small Affiliate program along with it!

I thank you for reading my story, and hope it has inspired you to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT and Ensure your own Residual Income in the jumbled world that MLM can be.

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