We like to suggest rather than spending money on submissions to regular Search Engines, people first get started with a few pay per click search engines. In these engines, top spot can be bought, and traffic can be assured.!

What happens in these search engines (there are now over 200 of them) is you bid on the keywords you want. Now you have to be careful, because the meaning of this is you pay what you bid each and every time someone clicks on your site from the search engine.

The plus of this system, is you don't get too many junk results in the search engine. This has led the main company overture.com (formerly goto.com) to have great success in attracting business searchers. You can pick up a great audience of business people from this form of traffic generation.

The key is to figure out which keywords to bid on and how much to bid. You want to have a good balance in the beginning because if you have top spot on a keyword that 1,000,000 people search for and you have bid $0.24 per click and half of the searchers click on your link, you just spent $120,000. Now you better hope you generate enough business to cover that or....

So with a lot of research, you can get narrowed down to very focused keywords that should only generate people that will be interested in what you are selling or offering. This we call targeted leads!

A great tool we have found that offers a FREE DEMO of their service for helping you to research keywords is Word Tracker, Click Here to Try it out for FREE

The best part about PayPerClick search engines is, it doesn't take months to get listed and start generating traffic and the search engine only cares that you are on topic, not about keyword densities and stuff!

You can test and tweak your site based upon guaranteed traffic. Once you have achieved the click through rates you are shooting for, and the conversion rates you need, then you can start optimizing your pages for the regular search engines.

This bypasses a ton of time in the development cycle as you don't need to wait 6 - 12 weeks to show up in the search engines to start generating test traffic.

The Best Pay Per Click is Google (but also the most costly due to the high traffic it can generate and being the leader in the field)

A few Smaller PayPerClick Search Engines worth Checking Into. Start with very small amounts of advertising money with the little ones just to be sure they can generate the hits you are looking for. You don't want $50 in an account if they don't have enough traffic to use it up and generate the leads for you.

Great Software or Website Recommendations

To take a free trial of a tool that helps you evaluate which keywords are the best, Click Here. This service is Fantastic and we use it extensively. The free version is adequate in the beginning, but as you go on, you may find yourself trying the full version for a week!

For the best submission software and placement software we have ever found, Click Here

For other software solutions related to Auto Follow-up that can help check out our Auto Prospecting System


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