Free Online Prospecting Methods

Email Signatures - Anyone can use this simple yet powerful prospecting method!

Newsgroup or Usenet Signatures - This one may make you lose a lot of time in reading a lot of interesting information, but also a pretty effective way of promoting!

Free Classifieds - Submit to a bunch of Free Classified Ad sites to generate traffic and leads.

Directories - Register your site with directory services relating to your industry.

Banner Exchange - Join a Good Banner Exchange or start one.

Link Exchange - Get into a good link Exchange Program, or start one.

Search Engines - Register your Website with the Major Search Engines.

E-Zine - Start an E-Zine supporting your industry as a way to increase your customer base, and establish your company as the leader in your industry.

FFA - Start your own FFA Links page.

E-book - Write one on your industry.

  • Flyers
  • Classified Advertising
  • Fax Blasting
  • Email Blasting
  • Answering Machine Messages
  • Calling to Lists of Network Marketers
  • Telemarketing
  • Mail Outs
  • Street Surveys
  • Mall Cruising

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