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Site Map

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A)  Simple MLM Success System

1)  Step 1 - The Approach (sections include sample approaches and scripts)

2)  Step 2 - Information (sections include sample approaches and scripts)

4)  Step 4 - The Online or Telephone 3 - Way Follow up (What to do, when, how, and scripts)

a)  Online or Telephone Three way call

b)  Decision (Objection Handling)

     i)  Business Objections

    ii)  Product Objections

    iii)  Downline Objections

B)  The Warm Market

1)   Your very important contact list (How to and Why?)

2)  Armor (to Protect you from the “Dream Stealers”)

C)  The Cold Market

1)  Presentations (What to do, when, how, and scripts)

a)  Hotel

b)  Home

c)  2 on 1

d)  1 on 1

2)  Basic Steps to Answering Objections

a)  Product Objections

b)  Business Objections

D)  Motivation

1)  Motivational Prospecting

a)  The History and Truth of Network Marketing - By Greg Stewart

b)  The Pain and Pleasure of Prospecting - By Jack Rosen

c)  The Science of the Pre-Approach - By Jack Rosen

E)  Recommended Reading

1)  Upline Magazine Articles

F)  Must Have Tools

       a) Alexa Toolbar Super Sleuth


G) General Internet Marketing Information and Search Engine Optimization Information (SEO)


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